WMS Circulation API

A read-only Web service for the Circulation module of OCLC WorldShare Management Services. Access to pulllists and notifications.

  • Status: Production
  • Sandbox access: Yes

What you get

Ability to access pulllist information for a various library branches. Pulllist shows you which materials need to be pulled at a particular branch for patron requests, holds, and digitization. Display basic metadata to be able to retrieve the materials: title, material format, number of pieces, location and call number.

Ability to access overdue notification files. The notifications take the form of PDFs which can be printed. (Note: this feature is still in development)

Who can use it

Access is available for libraries that use OCLC's WorldShare Management Systems.

Commercial partnerships are also available.

Authentication & Authorization

The WMS APIs supports the WSKey HMAC Signature and Access Token patterns.

WMS Circulation API requests require attribution to a WorldShare user with a valid Circulation role. Details about on user-level authorization are available in the authentication and authorization overview


Several backwards-incompatible changes were made to the WMS Circulation API in February 2017. Please see the DevNet Blog for more information.