Purchase Order Resource

URLs and Supported Requests

The Purchase Order Resource supports six operations.

Operation Resource URL HTTP METHOD
Create https://acq.sd00.worldcat.org/purchaseorders POST
Read https://acq.sd00.worldcat.org/purchaseorders/{orderNumber} GET
Update https://acq.sd00.worldcat.org/purchaseorders/{orderNumber} PUT
Delete https://acq.sd00.worldcat.org/purchaseorders/{orderNumber} DELETE
Search https://acq.sd00.worldcat.org/purchaseorders?q=OPEN GET
Submit https://acq.sd00.worldcat.org/purchaseorders/{orderNumber}/submissions POST

HTTP Accept Header

HTTP Request Content Types


More information about the proper structure of XML made as part of POST and PUT requests can be found in the Purchase Order Schema.

No POST payload is required to submit a purchase order.


Parameter Required Description
q No Available Queries are: 'OPEN' and 'SUBMITTED'. If none is provided, orders with both states will be returned.
startIndex No What index item to start the collection at.
itemsPerPage No How many collection items to return per request.

Example Requests

To return a collection of purchase orders where the status is OPEN, the start index is set to 0, and 20 items are displayed per page:

GET https://acq.sd00.worldcat.org/purchaseorders?startIndex=0&itemsPerPage=20&q=OPEN

To return a purchase order with ID PO-2012-36:

GET https://acq.sd00.worldcat.org/purchaseorders/PO-2012-36

To create a new purchase order:

POST XML https://acq.sd00.worldcat.org/purchaseorders/

XML Payload

To update an existing purchase order with ID PO-2012-132:

PUT XML https://acq.sd00.worldcat.org/purchaseorders/PO-2012-132

XML Payload

Returns information about a specific purchase order submission with the ID PO-2012-36:



Purchase orders can only be submitted if:

  • If it has a valid active vendor associated with it
  • All items must have fund codes
  • All items must have shelving locations set