Purchase Order Item Resource

URLs and Supported Requests

The Purchase Order Item Resource supports five operations.

Operation Resource URL HTTP METHOD
Create https://acq.sd00.worldcat.org/purchaseorders/{orderNumber}/items POST
Read https://acq.sd00.worldcat.org/purchaseorders/{orderNumber}/items/{orderItemNumber} GET
Read Alias https://acq.sd00.worldcat.org/acquisitions/orderitem/data/{orderItemNo} GET
Update https://acq.sd00.worldcat.org/purchaseorders/{orderNumber}/items/{orderItemNumber} PUT
Delete https://acq.sd00.worldcat.org/purchaseorders/{orderNumber}/items/{orderItemNumber} DELETE
List https://acq.sd00.worldcat.org/purchaseorders/{orderNumber}/items GET

HTTP Accept Header

HTTP Request Content Types


q No query by vendor order number
startIndex No What index item to start the collection at.
itemsPerPage No How many collection items to return per request.

Purchase Order Item Resource Fields

Below is a table listing all the allowed values and content of each data type in the Purchase Order Item Schema, this should be used as a quick reference into required attributes and values, however more in depth details can be found using the accompanying XSD file.

requester No  
orderItemNumber Yes The number of the order.
link No  
vendorOrderNumber No  
resource Yes

An element that must contain one of the following elements:

  • worldcatResource element
  • kbCollection
  • kbEntry
resource/worldcatResource No An element that contains basic metadata about the resource from WorldCat
Item title
resource/worldcatResource/materialType No Item material type
resource/worldcatResource/author No Item author
resource/worldcatResource/edition No Item edition
resource/worldcatResource/isbn No Item isbn
resource/worldcatResource/oclcNumber No Item oclc number
resource/worldcatResource/publisher No Item publisher
resource/kbCollectionResource No An element that contains basic metadata about the collection from WorldCat Knowledge Base
resource/kbCollectionResource/kbwcCollectionUid No The Id of the WorldCat Knowledge Base Collection.
resource/kbCollectionResource/portionObtained No Whether or not only a portion of the collection has been obtained.True or False
No Item title
No Item material type
resource/kbEntryResource No An element that contains basic metadata about the entry from WorldCat Knowledge Base
resource/kbEntryResource/kbwcCollectionUid No The Id of the WorldCat Knowledge Base Collection.
resource/kbEntryResource/kbwcEntryUid No The Id of the WorldCat Knowledge Base Entry.
resource/kbEntryResource/title No Item title
resource/kbEntryResource/collectionName No The collection name
resource/kbEntryResource/materialtype No Item material type
resource/kbEntryResource/isbn No Item isbn
resource/kbEntryResource/issn No Item issn
resource/kbEntryResource/oclcNumber No Item oclc number
copyConfigs No An element that contains one or more copyConfig elements
copyConfigs/copyConfig Yes A repeatable element that contains information related to each copy
copyConfigs/copyConfig/copyConfigNumber Yes The number for the copyConfig
copyConfigs/copyConfig/purchaseOrderItemNumber Yes The purchase order item number
copyConfigs/copyConfig/copyCount Yes The number of copies
copyConfigs/copyConfig/booking No An element that contains booking information
copyConfigs/copyConfig/booking/budgetAccountCode No The budget account code for a particular booking
copyConfigs/copyConfig/booking/budgetAccountName No The budget account name for a particular booking
copyConfigs/copyConfig/booking/percentage No The percentage of the cost of the item to attribute to this booking
copyConfigs/copyConfig/booking/amount No The amount of the cost of the item to attribute to this booking
copyConfigs/copyConfig/branchId Yes The branch id that the copies will go to
copyConfigs/copyConfig/shelvingLocationId Yes The shelving location the copies will go to
copyConfigs/copyConfig/invoicedPercentage Yes The percentage of the cost of items which has been invoiced
copyConfigs/copyConfig/paidPercentage Yes The percentage of the cost of the items which has been paid
copyConfigs/copyConfig/orderStatus Yes The status of the copies
copyConfigs/copyConfig/purchaseStatus Yes The status of the purchase
orderType Yes

The order type

  • FIRM_ORDER - One Time
  • SUBSCRIPTION - On going
processingType Yes

The processing type

  • SINGLE_VOLUME_WORK - monograph
  • E_PRODUCT - Eresource
quantity Yes The quantity of copies purchases
discountPercentage Yes Percentage discount
tax1Percentage Yes Tax percentage
tax2Percentage Yes Secondar tax percentage
orderingPrice Yes Cost of the item
shippingPrice Yes Cost of shipping
serviceCharge Yes Cost of any service charge
totalPrice Yes Total cost
materialType Yes

Type of material

  • Archv
  • Archv_Digital
  • ArtChap
  • ArtChap_Artcl
  • ArtChap_Digital
  • ArtChap_Chptr
  • Audiobook
  • Audiobook_Cassette
  • Audiobook_Tape
  • Audiobook_CD
  • Audiobook_LP
  • Audiobook_Digital
  • Book
  • Book_Braille
  • Book_Continuing
  • Book_Digital
  • Book_LargePrint
  • Book_Mic
  • Book_thsis
  • CompFile
  • CompFile_Digital
  • CorpProf
  • Encyc
  • Game
  • Game_Digital
  • Image
  • Image_2D
  • IntMM
  • IntMM_Digital
  • Kit
  • Map
  • Map_Digital
  • MsScr
  • MsScr_Digital
  • Music
  • Music_Cassette
  • Music_Digital
  • Music_CD
  • Music_LP
  • News
  • News_Digital
  • Object
  • Object_Digital
  • Paper
  • Jrnl
  • Jrnl_Issue
  • Jrnl_Digital
  • Pub
  • Rev
  • Snd
  • Snd_Cassette
  • Snd_CD
  • Snd_Digital
  • Snd_LP
  • Toy
  • Und
  • Video
  • Video_Bluray
  • Video_DVD
  • Video_Digital
  • Video_Film
  • Video_VHS
  • Vis
  • Vis_Digital
  • Web
  • Web_Digital
  • otr
notes   Element containing repeat note elements
shippingType No
  • STD
  • EX
  • ND
  • OTH

shippingAddressId No Id for the address of shipping. Contains either a BranchId or an empty string.
sourceOfInformation No Source of Information about the title.
subject No

The Topic/Subject of the Item.

  • agri
  • anth
  • art
  • biol
  • busi
  • chem
  • comm
  • comp
  • educ
  • engi
  • geog
  • heal
  • hist
  • lang
  • law
  • lib
  • math
  • med
  • mus
  • perf
  • phil
  • phys
  • poli
  • psyc
  • soci
position   Position of item in order
No Element qhich contains the claim settings
claimingSettings/automaticClaimingEnabled Yes

Whether or not the automatic claiming is enabled

True or False

claimingSettings/claimingCountLimit Yes The maximium number of claims to send
claimingSettings/nextClaimingDate Yes If automaticClaiming is set to true, then the claiming process wil be started automatically after the configured amount off time.
claimingSettings/claimingSchemeName Yes Name of the claiming scheme
lastUpdateTime Yes Last time updated
insertTime Yes When order item added
preferredIdentifier No Value of the preferred identifier
preferredIdentifierType Yes

Type of identifier preferred for lookup

  • ISBN
  • ISSN

Example URLs

To return a collection of purchase order items in purchase order PO-2012-36, where the start index is set to 0, and 20 items are displayed per page

GET https://acq.sd00.worldcat.org/purchaseorders/PO-2012-36/items?startIndex=0&itemsPerPage=20

To delete a specific purchase order item with ID OIN-2012-77 inside the purchase order with ID PO-2012-36.:

DELETE https://acq.sd00.worldcat.org/purchaseorders/PO-2012-36/items/OIN-2012-77