Purchase Order Copy  Resource

URLs and Supported Requests

The Purchase Order Copy Resource supports four operations.

Operation Resource URL HTTP METHOD
Create https://acq.sd00.worldcat.org/purchaseorders/{orderNumber}/items/{orderItemNumber}/copies/{copyNumber}/receive POST
Read https://acq.sd00.worldcat.org/purchaseorders/{orderNumber}/items/{orderItemNumber}/copies/{copyNumber} GET
Read Alias https://acq.sd00.worldcat.org/acquisitions/copy/data/{copyNumber}  
Update https://acq.sd00.worldcat.org/purchaseorders/{orderNumber}/items/{orderItemNumber}/copies/{copyNumber}/receive PUT
List https://acq.sd00.worldcat.org/purchaseorders/{orderNumber}/items/{orderItemNumber}/copies GET

HTTP Accept Header

HTTP Request Content Types

Purchase Order Item Copy Resource Fields

Below is a table listing all the allowed values and content of each data type in the Purchase Order Item Schema, this should be used as a quick reference into required attributes and values, however more in depth details can be found using the accompanying XSD file.

copyNumber Yes Identifier for the copy
Yes Link to the copy resources
barcode No Barcode
branchId Yes The branch id for the copy location
shelvingLocationid No The shelving location the copy
shelvingSheme No The classification schema/shelving scheme of the call number.
callNumber No Local item call number
callPart No The call part of the call number.
callNumberPrefix No The prefix of the call number.
callNumberSuffix No The suffix of the call number.
itemCopyId No A unique copy identifier (local holdings) within an institution's collection.
No Number to distinguish one copy from another of the same bibliographic description.
holdingType No The holding type.
holdingValue No The unique identifier for this holding within its copy.  
status No

The order state of copy.

  • OPEN
receiptStatus No

Example Requests

To return a collection of purchase order copies for Order Item OIN-2012-77 in purchase order PO-2012-36:


To return information about a specific purchase order copy with the ID 1 in and Order Item with ID OIN-2012-77 in a purchase order with the ID PO-2012-36:




  • Copies only exist after the Purchase Order is submitted.
  • Copies can't be created manually. They are created by the Acquisitions system once an order is submitted.
  • Copies can't be changed directly. They can only be modified through the receiving action.