Invoice Item Resource

URL and Supported Request

The Invoice Item Resource supports five operations.

Operation Resource URL HTTP METHOD
Create https://{institution-identifier} POST
Read https://{institution-identifier}{invoiceItemNumber} GET
Update https://{institution-identifier}{invoiceItemNumber} PUT
Delete https://{institution-identifier}{invoiceItemNumber} DELETE
Search https://{institution-identifier}{query} GET

HTTP Accept Header


More information about the proper structure of XML made as part of POST and PUT requests can be found in the Invoice Item Schema.


Parameter Required Description Expected/Sample Value
q Yes

Available indexes:


startIndex No What index item to start the collection at.  
itemsPerPage No How many invoice items to return per request

Example URL

Return information about invoice item with ID INVI-2012-7 from institution 128807:


Search for invoice Items from institution 128807 that have in invoice Number of INV-2012-2:


Add a new invoice item based on a particular PO Item ID.

Content-Type: application/json

   "orderLineItem" : {
       "resource" : "PO-2016-1-1"
   "invoice" : {
          "resource" : "INV-2017-1"