Question & Answer Resource

QuestionPoint knowledge bases are now available via a web service.  This resource provides search access to QuestionPoint Q&A pairs and returns questions that match the posed query.  It can also access a specific Q&A pair with the use of the Question ID.

URL and Supported Requests

QuestionPoint knowledge base API supports two operations.

Operation Resource URL HTTP METHOD
Read[questionID]&type=[format] GET
Search[searchTerms]&preflang=[language]&kbids=[knowledgebaseID]&kbids=[knowledgebaseID]&type=[format] GET

HTTP Accept Types

The QuestionPoint Knowledge base API has four response formats:


Below is a list of all the possible parameters that can be used as part of an QuestionPoint knowledge base query:

Parameter Required Notes
andk = term (use + between multiple words in a term) No All words must appear in the record.
phk = term. No All words must appear exactly in the order typed.
ork = term. No Any of the words typed must appear in the record.
notk = term. No Must be used with one of the above. Find records without this word(s)
preflang = language code for the search term

(see Language codes section below)

No This determines the analyzer used.
kbids = number of the KB to search No The Global KB is 1. See Admin module for local KB number.
dr = code for date range No Last Week (lw)

Last Month (lm) Last Three Months (lt) Last Six Months (ls) Last Year (ly)

lang = language code of retrieved records No See Language codes below
sopt = kw No Use this to search the Keyword field only.
qcat = category code No See Category Codes below
topsubject = letter No Letter representing the highest level in the LC Class System
qinst = institution ID number No Limit results to questions asked at a particular institution*
ainst = institution ID number No Limit results to questions answered at a particular institution*
num = 10 No Number of questions per page; also 20, 30, 50, 100)
type No See HTTP accept types

*It is assumed that most users will not be concerned about at which institution a question was posed or which institution answered the question. If you are searching only your local KB, the parameter may not apply at all. Contact your administrator or that of the desired institution for institution IDs.

Category Codes

  • 1 = FAQ
  • 2 = Bibliography/Pathfinder
  • 3 = Research (3)
  • 4 = Ready Reference (4)
  • 5 = Community Information (5)

Language Codes

Language Code
Arabic 1
Chinese 2
Dutch 3
English 4
French 5
German 6
Hebrew 7
Hindi 8
Hungarian 9
Italian 10
Japanese 11
Korean 12
Polish 13
Portuguese 14
Russian 15
Sanskrit 16
Spanish 17
Swedish 18
Turkish 19
Ukrainian 20
Danish 21
Norwegian 22
Slovenian 23
Afrikaans 24
Ndebele 25
Northern Sotho 26
Southern Sotho 27
Swazi 28
Tsonga 29
Tswana 30
Venda 31
Xhosa 32
Zulu 33
Greek 34
Czech 35
Finnish 36
Romanian 37
Latvian 38
Croatian 39
Thai 40
Estonian 41
Catalan 42
Welsh 43


This URL provides an example of the QuestionPoint KB API searching for all questions that match the search term “baseball”:


This URL provides an example of the QuestionPoint KB API searching for recent (within the last week) questions that match the search terms “Scotland” and “language”:


To link directly to QuestionID 44960: