ARC SPARQL+ Endpoint

Operation Resource URL HTTP METHOD
Query POST or GET

Response Formats


Parameter Required Description Expected/Sample Values
query Yes A query in the SPARQL syntax {SPARQL_query}
output No The response format

One of

  • xml
  • json
  • plain
  • php_ser
  • infos
  • htmltab
  • tsv
jsonP No A JSONP callback method to wrap the response in for JSON output. myJsonPCallback
key No An API key to use. Where does someone get a key?


The API supports the following SPARQL operations:

  • select
  • construct
  • ask
  • describe
  • load
  • insert
  • delete

The API has a limit of 50,000 for maximum number of results.

See also: Dewey SPARQL user interface.