Instructions for customizing WorldCat® materials

The promotional materials on this site can be customized to include your WorldCat Local URL and your library's logo. Guidelines on this page will help you modify the materials yourself for local printing through your normal printing option.

You can also order all WorldCat customizable materials, including some additional items not on this webpage, through FedEx Kinko's. For more information about ordering and payment, see the FedEx Kinko's order form.

Local customization and printing options

Add your URL

You can add your library's name, URL and logo. Some libraries use their unique WorldCat Local URL provided by OCLC. Others direct users to their library's existing homepage because it is already familiar to library users.

  1. Download the poster, table tent, ad or bookmark you want to use.
  2. Use Adobe Acrobat® Reader software to insert your URL over the "Your WorldCat Local URL here" text on the template.
  3. You can also print an adhesive label containing your URL and paste it over the "Your WorldCat Local URL here" text on the printed item.

Note: Adobe Acrobat Reader will not save your modified file. You will need to print from the file before you close it.

Add your logo

To add your library's logo and any other supplemental text, you can edit the items directly using Adobe Acrobat Professional, or you can use Microsoft® Word to over-print your logo or other text. Alternatively, you can create an adhesive label that you can paste onto your printed items.

Note: The text "Your library's logo here" on the customizable resources is non-printing text. Even though it displays on the computer screen, it will not be visible when you print the item. If you want it to appear on your items, you must use the Microsoft Word over-printing or label printing option.

To use Adobe Acrobat Professional
  1. Download the poster, table tent, ad or bookmark you want to use.
  2. Use the Create Custom Stamp tool. This is found under Comments > Commenting Tools > Stamps.
  3. Save a high quality .jpg or .tif file to your computer to complete the Create Custom Stamp option. You will be able to move and size your logo after you complete this action.
To use Microsoft Word
  1. Download and print the poster, table tent, ad or bookmark you want to use.
  2. Use Word to create a second file that has your logo (and any other additional text) laid out to fit in a blank area of your printed item.
  3. Run the printed item through your printer again, this time printing the Word file with the supplemental material. (Make sure your printer can handle double printing.) macht die Ressourcen Ihrer Bibliothek für Informationssuchende in einer frei zugänglichen Datenbank und auf Websites, auf denen die meisten Menschen ihre Recherchen beginnen, besser sichtbar. Diese breite Sichtbarkeit fördert Bibliotheken als wichtige Informationsquelle und ermöglicht es jedem, schnell und einfach auf Ressourcen in Bibliotheken in der Nähe oder in der Ferne zuzugreifen.

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