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The library landscape is fast-moving and ever-changing, and efficiency is key to navigating the challenges ahead. During this year's OCLC Member Forums, member colleagues described how they are leveraging the power of OCLC products and services and the WorldShare platform to improve workflows and increase library efficiencies. They also heard what's new at OCLC, learned how OCLC's Community Center keeps you informed and engaged year round, and participated in training sessions. Additionally, at three forums, a concurrent program for OCLC Research Library Partners (RLP) took place.

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Please enjoy current photos, comments, presentations, and resources from this year's Member Forums.

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2016 Presentations

"Learning From Each Other" Presentation on information gathered from you, our members, during the 2015 OCLC Member Forums.

"OCLC Community Center" Presentation on the many ways you can connect and engage with each other and OCLC through the Community Center.

"OCLC Update" Presentation highlighting what's new at OCLC.

Special Topics

"Culture Shift" Presentation by Tammi Spayde, Vice President, Human Resources, Marketing, Facilities, OCLC. - Fairfax 10/6/16

"Advancing the Member Experience" Presentation by Drew Bordas, Vice President, Management & Customer Operations, OCLC. - Montgomery 10/21/16, Philadelphia 12/14/16

"Business Development: Partnering for (Library) Success" Presentation by Chip Nilges, Vice President, Business Development, OCLC. - Boston 11/10/16

"Designing Data for Discovery: OCLC's Linked Data Strategy" Presentation by Rob Favini, Member Relations Liaison, OCLC. - Salem 9/21/16, Pasadena 9/28/16

"Data Designed for Discovery" Presentation by Roy Tennant, Senior Program Officer, OCLC Research. - Halifax 11/4/16, Puerto Rico 12/16/16

Research Library Partnership

"ILL Cost Calculator: What's in it for you?" Presentation by Dennis Massie, Program Officer, OCLC Research

"Emerging Services for Research Information Management (RIM) through Enterprise Collaboration" Presentation by Rebecca Bryant, Senior Program Officer, OCLC Research

"Developing Best Practices for Web Archiving Metadata to Meet Users Needs" Presentation by Jackie Dooley, Program Officer, OCLC Research

Learn from OCLC

"Collection Manager" Presentation by Matt Goldner, Product & Technology Advocate, OCLC.

"Searching WorldCat Efficiently" Presentation by Karen Hinton, Manager Instructional Design & Training, OCLC

"Searching WorldCat Efficiently" Presentation by Lucia Shelton, Member Education, OCLC. - Puerto Rico

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