IP Address Recognition Request

Use this form to start IP address recognition or to make additions and changes to current addresses or authorizations. Describe additions and changes in the Comments box at the bottom of the form.

Library staff can use this form to request IP-address recognition for authentication of logon to the FirstSearch service and any of its databases, including the Electronic Collections Online database. For information about IP-address recognition capabilities, limitations, and procedures, see Getting Started.

Before completing this form:

  1. Work with your system administrator to identify all the IP addresses shown on HTTP connections from your network that should have access to your FirstSearch account or accounts. An IP address (for example, identifies a computer or other machine on the Internet.
  2. Ask your system administrator if your firewall or proxy server will cache documents requested from OCLC because caching of interactive pages may cause problems.
  3. Make sure that you have the authorization number for your FirstSearch account. If you have multiple FirstSearch accounts, you need the authorization number for each account that will use IP-address recognition access. You received the 9-digit authorization number in a letter, message, or fax sent when your account began. If you do not know your FirstSearch authorization number, contact your FirstSearch administrator or your OCLC-affiliated regional network.

Complete and submit this form to OCLC. OCLC acknowledges receipt of the form and tries to complete processing of the request within 48 hours (Monday-Friday).

Construct URLs and add links containing the URLs to your library's Web pages. For instructions, see Getting Started.


Your Information

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FirstSearch Service

IP Address

In the IP Address box, type the IP address or set of IP addresses that should have access. The system prevents access from any other addresses. Type specific or general addresses or a range of addresses. You must provide at least the first two parts of an address; replace any other parts with an asterisk (*) rather than other wild-card characters.

Note: Please do not type the following addresses in the IP Address box because they are never used on the Internet. Contact your system administrator if you have questions.
172.16.*.* through 172.32.*.* 

IP Address Examples:

FirstSearch Authorization

A FirstSearch authorization(s) is the 9-digit number that you received when you began using FirstSearch. This authorization along with a designated password, gives access to the FirstSearch service. You can find your FirstSearch authorization in a letter, message, or fax sent when your account was first opened. If you don't know what your FirstSearch authorization is, please contact your OCLC-affiliated Regional Network or FirstSearch administrator.

If you are requesting access for a single authorization, type the 9-digit authorization in the Default Authorization box. Leave the Additional Authorizations box blank. Or, if you need access for multiple authorizations, in the Default Authorization box, type the 9-digit authorization that the system should use if no authorization is specified in the URL. Type other valid authorizations in the Additional Authorizations box.

You must enter a valid 9-digit authorization. Example: 100-999-999


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