ILLiad Hosted Service Migration Questionnaire


Contact Information

First, Last

First, Last

ILLiad Migration Information

To reduce complications and delays during the migration, it is strongly suggested that you upgrade your ILLiad software to the latest release of ILLiad v8.5.

You must provide the external IP addresses or ranges. If you are using an internal IP address scheme made of up the following classes of IP addresses, we cannot use these numbers:
· through
· through
· through

*What type of ILLiad authentication do you currently use?

This information is important because the authentication method must be set up the same at OCLC.

If you use Basic, are you using SSL for your Web pages?

If so we must arrange for purchase of the SSL certificate.

If you use LDAP, are you using SSL for LDAP?

If so we must arrange for purchase of the SSL certificate.

Do you use Microsoft Access to create your own custom reports?

This is done via ODBC read-only access to your ILLiad database.

To determine this, run this command in Query Analyzer:  EXEC sp_helpdb ILLData
If your database is larger than 4 gigabytes, OCLC can work with you to reduce the size before migration

Are you running a Shared Server environment?

To check, open the Customization ManagerExpand System. Click SharedServerSupport.


If Yes, please answer the following:

Are you sharing Web pages?

Are you sharing the PDF folder where the patron PDFs are stored?

Are you using Electronic Delivery/Odyssey?


If Yes, please answer the following:

  • Please make sure to run the ILLiadCleanup.exe command. If you have questions about how to do this, contact OCLC Customer Support (CSD).
  • When you use Odyssey to deliver articles to patrons, the notification e-mail comes from the Odyssey Manager Service running on the ILLiad server. When hosted at OCLC, you will need to allow e-mail to be relayed through your mail host at your site from the ILLiad server.
SQL Information

Please have your SQL Administrator provide the answers to these questions.

Does your network restrict or block SQL data traffic?

You must make sure that you are not blocking outbound SQL traffic . Our servers listen to both SQL port 1344 and alternate port 1433. Your site may choose which one to use. You must also make sure that your network is not restricting access to SQL by IP address. Some sites have restricted SQL access to a specific IP address. If this is the case, that address must be changed to your new OCLC- hosted ILLiad server.

Does your network restrict or block FTP data traffic?

You must make sure that you are not blocking FTP outbound. To edit the patron Web pages, you must FTP them to a workstation at your site, make the edits and then FTP them back to the ILLiad server. FTP can be opened and closed as needed if your security policy requires it.

Additional Considerations

Electronic Delivery Coversheets and Electronic Deliver e-mail templates reside on the ILLiad server. Please supply electronic copies to OCLC Customer Support when your server is moved. OCLC will place them in the proper folders.

If you have separate areas of your IT department that handle the firewall, ports and other network issues, make sure that you know whom to contact if you have problems.

If several libraries are using an ILLiad shared server, all libraries will need to participate in the migration together.

You will need to update all source services for your incoming OpenURL requests with your new OCLC ILLiad web server URL. You'll want to inventory your database services and link resolvers that contain ILLiad server information and note how to make that change after your migration has been completed.

Please contact OCLC Customer Support (CSD) if you have questions regarding the information on this questionnaire.

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