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Edited MARC records: the vendor you choose and OCLC will provide full-level OCLC-MARC records edited to include your local cataloging practices according to the options available on the next page(s). Based on the information you provide, an OCLC representative will provide a price quote for your approval.

Please refer any questions you might have about this form by e-mailing

If you have questions about MARC records for OverDrive titles, please see the FAQ.

Also see Cataloging Partners MARC Request (standard records).

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Additional Editing

Additional pricing may be necessary for editing requests outside of this form.

Request Price

Thank you for providing OCLC with your local cataloging preferences.  An OCLC representative will be in touch to provide a no-obligation price proposal for your consideration.  If you find the price acceptable, please contact your OCLC representative or materials vendor as appropriate.

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