Cataloging Partners MARC Request for Blackstone Audio

OCLC MARC records are available for titles that are part of the Blackstone Audiobooks collection. See Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 45 KB, opens in a new window).


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Less-than-full Records

Will your library accept less-than-full records?

Redelivery of Upgraded Records

If you answered yes to the question above, do you want OCLC to redeliver the same records once they’ve been upgraded?

MARC Record Output

OCLC will send an email to the library contact(s) notifying them that the records are available to be downloaded.

Please indicate the name(s) and e-mail address(es) for the staff member(s) to receive the notification messages:

Local Data Field

A local field will be added to deliveries that includes barcode, copy number, volume number and price information from Blackstone. Example: 949  1\ $i 1234567898 $c 1 $v v.1 $p 20.50

Would you like this field retained in your deliveries?

Constant Data Editing

Is there any constant data editing that you would like to have added to every record?

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