Update Holdings in WorldCat through Batchload

Libraries benefit in several ways when holdings in WorldCat are kept up-to-date.

  • Cataloging processes can be streamlined.
  • Collections and items are discoverable for resource sharing, in WorldCat.org, through FirstSearch and WorldCat Local services and other partner websites such as Google and Yahoo!
  • Lending requests in resource sharing can be filled and at a higher rate.
  • Collection gaps, unique holdings and comparisons between libraries are possible using assessment tools, such as WorldCat Collection Analysis.

Do your library’s holdings need updating? A batchload project can help.

  • With a Batch Reclamation project, your library would send the complete file of records from your local system to OCLC.  OCLC would then compare these records with your actual holdings in OCLC WorldCat and update the holdings as needed. It not only sets or verifies your holdings in WorldCat, but it also will remove holdings for items no longer in your collection.
  • Other types of batchload projects can also be set up to help your library keep holdings current.

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