UnityUK Subscription Order and Renewal Form
Three-Year Renewal


Contact Information

Please provide us with details of a contact who is responsible for the UnityUK service at your organisation.

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Following receipt of this subscription renewal form, we will invoice your organisation for the UnityUK service. Please provide details for the contact to whom invoices should be sent.

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If Yes, please see Invoicing options below. If No, please complete the following, then see Invoicing options below.

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*Invoicing options

Annual Subscription Charges

Prices detailed below will be held throughout the UnityUK 3 Year Deal offer period.

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Order Value and Order Number

Please provide us with the details below so that we can process your renewal.


Credit Notes

Credit notes may be used to pay all or part of UnityUK subscription invoices.  If you would like further information on credit notes please contact Natalie.Ansell@oclc.org.

Terms and Conditions


*Note that the offer to keep the price the same (without index) for the coming three years, is based on a three year subscription period.

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