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PLEASE NOTE: This will be the domain address for logging in and for proxy access. The server domain name will be inst.idm.oclc.org, where inst will be replaced by your selected domain name (for example: ohiostate.idm.oclc.org). If your domain name is already in use, your Hosted EZproxy implementation manager will notify you and work with you to obtain another domain name. Once you have provided this domain name, it cannot be changed.

PLEASE NOTE: These are more than likely the same IP address(es) you have shared with your content providers. During the initial configuration, we will provide you with the IP address of your new hosted EZproxy server. Once you have received this IP address, please be sure to register it with your content providers.

Will you proxy your local users, or do you want local users to access database resources directly?

Does your institution currently use EZproxy?

You probably already have an existing system that can authenticate your users. This might be your automation system, an e-mail system, some form of computer accounts on a system, or a database that can be extracted into a text file. What method will be used to authenticate your users for EZproxy? For additional information, please see Authenticate Users (user.txt).

To which of the following OCLC services do you currently subscribe?

If your institution previously used EZproxy, please email your configuration files (user.txt, config.txt, and any files included with these files) to orders@oclc.org. Please indicate you are sending these files as part of your Hosted EZproxy implementation. For your security, do not email files containing usernames and passwords to OCLC.

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