BLvl  Bibliographic Level


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ALL: Leader/07

Input Standards

BKS, VIS, MIX, MAP, SCO, REC, COM: Mandatory. One-character code. Default: m

CNR: Mandatory. One-character code. Default: s


The relationship between the item being cataloged and its constituent parts.


Appropriate Type/ BLvl combinations. All codes are valid for all formats; however, not every code is appropriate for every type of material. The online system does not allow incorrect combinations of Type and BLvl, for example, Type code p (Mixed materials) and BLvl codes m or a; Type code d (Manuscript music) and BLvl codes b or s. See Type for more information.


a Monographic component part. Monographic bibliographic unit that is physically attached to or contained in another unit such that the retrieval of the component part is dependent on the identification and location of the host item or container. Contains fields that describe the component part and data that identify the host, field 773.

Examples of monographic component parts with corresponding host items include an article in a single issue of a periodical, a chapter in a book, a band on a phonodisc, and a map on a single sheet that contains several maps.

b Serial component part. A component (i.e., a bibliographic unit physically contained in another bibliographic unit) that is itself a serial. See the definition of a serial in code s. Identify the host item in field 773 so that the component may be located.
c Collection. A made-up multipart group of items that were not originally published, distributed or produced together. The record describes units defined by common provenance or administrative convenience for which the record is intended as the most comprehensive in the system.
d Subunit. A component of an archival unit described collectively elsewhere. A subunit may be folders, boxes, series, subgroups or subcollections. Identify the archival unit in field 773 so that the component may be located.
i Integrating resource. A bibliographic resource that is added to or changed by means of updates that do not remain discrete and are integrated into the whole. Integrating resources may be finite or continuing. Examples include: Updating loose-leafs and updating Web sites.
m Monograph/Item. A monograph is a nonserial item that is either complete in one part or complete or intended to be completed in a finite number of separate parts.
s Serial. A serial is a publication in any medium issued in successive parts bearing numerical or chronological designations and intended to be continued indefinitely. Serials include periodicals; newspapers; annuals (reports, yearbooks, etc.); the journals, memoirs, proceedings and transactions of societies; and numbered monographic series. Serials are not published items containing collections of works.

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