9xx Fields


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9xx Introduction


9xx fields

9xx fields are not part of the MARC format. OCLC defines some 9xx fields for the Library of Congress and for internal OCLC use. Most 9xx fields can be defined for local use by individual libraries.

9xx fields defined

Fields 936, 956, 984 and 987 are defined by OCLC. Fields 901-907, 910, 945–949 are locally defined. Most 9xx fields not mentioned are also locally defined.

OCLC products and services

OCLC products and services use some 9xx fields for processing. OCLC does not retain these fields in the master record. They may be retained in archival records and institution records, however, depending on the needs of the product or service. For example, field 951 is used for agent specific data for cataloging agent authorizations. This manual does not include descriptions of these fields.

The WorldCat Cataloging Partners service also uses some 9xx fields to supply nonbibliographic information. Because WorldCat Cataloging Partners 9xx fields are defined by agreement between a library and a vendor, this manual does not include descriptions of these fields. OCLC removes WorldCat Cataloging Partners-defined 9xx fields from master records.

Field 938 (Vendor Specific Ordering Data) is system-supplied by OCLC to support Vendor Record Contribution and other OCLC services. It is retained in the master record. A description of field 938 is included in this manual.

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