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4xx Introduction


4xx fields

Use 490 and 8xx fields for series data. Use field 490 for series statements transcribed from the item. Use 8xx fields for series added entries.

Use field 490 for name/title series statements found in retrospective cataloging copy. Trace the series in field 800, 810, 811, or 830.

Fields 400, 410, 411, and 440 are obsolete. OCLC has run a database scan to convert them. Records containing these fields fail validation. You may find these fields in local systems in records used prior to this change.

8xx fields

Use field 800, field 810 and field 811 for series added entries in name/title form.

Use field 830 for any series added entry in title form.

Printing series data

Printing specifications pertain to series fields (490 and 8xx), not to series data incorporated in notes.

Field 490 prints following the physical description as a series statement.

The print program supplies parentheses around each series statement in the 490 field. Do not enter parentheses or final punctuation in a 490 field. If more than one series statement is present in a record, the print program encloses each statement in parentheses. One space separates multiple series statements.

The print program supplies a period at the end of the series heading and tracing unless final punctuation (. ! ?) is present. However, the print program does not supply a period for the first series tracing.

ISBD records. The print program supplies a space-dash-space ( -- ) between the physical description (3xx fields) and the first series statement.

300     18 p. : b ill. ; c 27 cm.
490 1   Education around the world
490 1   DHEW publication ; v no. (OE) 74-19109
Prints as:
18 p. : ill. ; 27 cm. -- (Education around the world) (DHEW publication ; no. (OE) 74-19109)

If a publication includes the ISSN for the series, enter the ISSN in subfield x of the series statement field. The print program supplies ISSN before the number. The ISSN does not print in the series tracing or heading:

490 1   The British travel series, x 0021-5654
Prints as:
(The British travel series, ISSN 0021-5654)

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