092  Locally Assigned Dewey Call Number (R)


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Input Standards

1st Indicator  DDC edition
blank character  No edition information recorded
Full edition
1 Abridged edition
2nd Indicator  Undefined
blank character  Undefined
Subfields (R=Repeatable  NR=Nonrepeatable) Input Standards
a Classification number (NR) Mandatory/Mandatory
b Item number (NR) Optional/Optional
e Feature heading (NR) Optional/Optional
f Filing suffix (NR) Optional/Optional
2 Edition number (NR) Required if applicable/Required if applicable


Call numbers based on Dewey Decimal Classification. If you are transcribing LC copy or Canadian Cataloging-in-Publication, use field 082 for Dewey numbers assigned by LC or Library and Archives Canada. Only field 082 remains with the master record if a new record has field 082 and 092. Field 092 is retained in archive records, institution records, OCLC-MARC records, and exported records.

If you assign a Dewey Decimal Classification number according to the DDC schedules or to LC practice, use field 092 or field 082 with 2nd indicator 4. If the classification portion of your number does not conform to the DDC schedules, use field 099.

1st Indicator

DDC edition. The Dewey Decimal Classification edition used to assign the call number.
blank character No edition information recorded. (Use if there is no subfield 2.)
Full edition
1 Abridged edition

2nd Indicator

Undefined. The 2nd indicator position is undefined and contains a blank ( blank character ).
blank character Undefined


a Classification number The class number portion of the locally assigned Dewey call number or the class number transferred from field 082. Subfield a must have only letters or only numerals. A combination of letters and numerals causes unit ( zc) cards. Do not enter spaces between characters in subfield a . Do not enter slashes (/) in subfield a . Slashes cause unit ( zc) cards.
b Item number The item number portion of the locally assigned Dewey call number. Enter a comma-space (, ) before each new line. The comma does not print. It indicates where a new line begins. You may use letters, numerals, punctuation, and special signs or symbols in subfield b. However, the first character of a new printing line (i.e., following a comma-space) should not be a special sign or symbol. Enter one space after subfield b. Two or more spaces following the subfield b may cause unit ( zc) cards.
e Feature heading

A feature heading from classified catalog. Data in subfield e print on cards and display in label displays as if they were in subfield b.

f Filing suffix A filing suffix from a classified catalog. Data in subfield f print on cards and display in label display as if they were in subfield b.
2 Edition number The edition number.
092   888.0108 b C832 2 20


Field 092 prints for institutions profiled for Dewey call numbers. Subfield 2 (Edition number) does not print. The number of characters on one line cannot exceed the margin size. If the first indentation is ten, the maximum number of characters per line is eight.

If the class number in subfield a exceeds the margin size, your profile determines whether the class number prints on one line. Enter a comma-space in subfields b, e and f to indicate each line break as shown.

Displayed in record Prints as
818 b C832stu 818

932.046 b .B61a 932.046

220.2 220.2
B b Cu36 B

92 b Butters-,worth 92


001.64 b Oh5, 1973, pt.1, vol.6 001.64




599.01 b T23, 1974, v.#2 599.01




Transferring Dewey class numbers

Since field 082 (Dewey Decimal Call Number) does not print, you must use field 092 for card production. To transfer a Dewey number from 082 to 092:

  • Enter information in subfield b, e and/or f of field 092 and send.
  • Use the Reformat command to reformat. The system transfers the Dewey class number from field 082 (first subfield a) to field 092 subfield a. The system deletes slashes (/) and subfield 2.

To shorten or modify the Dewey number:

  • Edit field 092 after the system has transferred the class number from field 082 to field 092. OR
  • Enter both class number (subfield a) and all other appropriate information in field 092 and do not make use of the automatic transfer.

If the transferred Dewey class number has brackets, delete the brackets before Produce. If the class number is preceded by C, delete the C before Produce. Brackets or letters and numerals in subfield a cause unit ( zc) cards.

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