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Summary of MARC Leader and 008 Field

The fixed field is made up of the MARC Leader and the 008 field. The 006 field functions as an extension of the 008 field when the item has multiple format characteristics; it contains a subset of the positions defined in the 008 field. Elements in those fields are identified by position. The following tables show the byte position, and the fixed field mnemonic and/or name and, when applicable, the input standard. These tables will allow you to identify elements when setting up your local technical specifications or if viewing them in a display other than through the OCLC Online System or a straight MARC display in your local system. The display of these elements will vary by interface and selected option.

Byte Leader   Byte 008 field
00-04 Logical Record Length 00-05 Entered SS
05 Rec stat SS 06 DtSt M
06 Type M 07-10 Dates (Date 1) M
07 BLvl M 11-14 Dates (Date 2) M
08 Ctrl R 15-17 Ctry R
09 Character Coding Scheme 18-34 Format specific (See Summary of 008 and 006 Field Bytes)
10 Indicator Count 35-37 Lang M
11 Subfield Code Count 38 MRec R
12-16 Base Address of Data 39 Srce M
17 ELvl M  
18 Desc M
19 Linked Record Requirement
20 Length of the Length-of-Field Portion
21 Length of the Starting-Character-Position Portion
22 Transaction Type Code in Hexadecimal (OCLC defined)
23 Undefined

SS = System-supplied; M = Mandatory; R = Required if applicable; O = Optional

This page last revised: April 17, 2019