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New, yet familiar

WorldShare Interlibrary Loan will expand the functionality currently included in the WorldCat Resource Sharing service. You will find new features that simplify staff workflows and save time for them and your users. The new WorldShare Platform that supports WorldShare Interlibrary Loan enables these new features.

WorldShare Interlibrary Loan brings forward the best of familiar WorldCat Resource Sharing functionality, such as IFM, constant data, deflection, Article Exchange and the reports you currently use. You’ll build on what you already know how to do, making your transition to the new service easier than you may expect.

The workflow automation improvements include:

  • Display of lending cost from the OCLC Policies Directory to speed selection of appropriate lenders.
  • Automatic extension of the lender string from 5 to 15 symbols.
  • No need for borrowing staff to manually manage “enter my symbol twice” (EMST) lenders. Lending libraries can determine and broadcast the timeframe for responding to a request.
  • OPAC link from lending requests to determine whether a requested item is available for loan.
  • New, alternative “buy-it” options and workflows to facilitate timely purchase of needed items instead of interlibrary loan requests.

Even easier for library users

Meanwhile, your library users will gain a familiar, easy-to-use interface that offers a single access point to all types of library resources. The new interface will make interlibrary loan requests an easy task for your users—as easy as searching your library’s catalog for electronic, digital and print resources.

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