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The person(s) requesting the usability test.

The usability evaluation of one version of the product or procedure. An iteration typically consists of several test sessions.

Sometimes also called a prototype, this is a version of the product that contains user interface attributes but very little (if any) coding. Paper screen captures are an example of a mockup.

Mockups are often usability tested because they are inexpensive, contain the essential user-apparent features (and thus provide accurate usability data), and are available early in the design process.

Test Rehearsal
A run-through of a test session conducted before the sessions with the users. This rehearsal is often conducted with a ULab staff member unfamiliar with the product acting as a user, and allows the correction and fine-tuning of test procedures before an actual test session.

Test Session
The attempt by a user to complete pre-assigned tasks with the product or procedure to be usability tested.

Usability (ISO Definition)
The effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction with which specified users achieve specified goals in particular environments.

Usability Lab
A facility specifically designed for evaluating the usability of a product. The OCLC Usability Lab contains video, audio, and computer equipment for the archiving and analysis of a user's behavior while using OCLC products.

The person(s) who attempt to complete a set of pre-assigned tasks using the product or procedure. The user matches as closely as possible a set of user characteristics developed by the client and the ULab.