Printing shipping and return labels

Tip of the Week October 31, 2013

This week’s tip provides a summary of information about how to print shipping labels for sending requested items to borrowing libraries and returning borrowed items to lending libraries.  In WorldShare ILL, you can add labels to your print queue at the same time you take a related action for an ILL transaction.

For lenders:
When you respond “Yes” to an ILL request, select the option to “Print Shipping Labels” that follows your response.

Lenders - Select "Print Shipping Labels"

For borrowers:
When you enter “Return item,” select the option to “Print Return Labels.”

Borrowers- Select "Print Return Labels"

Following your label printing selection at the point of loaning or returning an item, view your “Print Queue” to print labels using the Avery label format, position and any special messages you prefer.  The image below is an example of a borrower print queue for return labels.

View "Print Queue"

Once you complete printing the items you need, you may remove them from your print queue at a time that is convenient for your library’s workflow.

Resources about printing in WorldShare ILL:

For additional assistance:
Contact OCLC Customer Support
at or OCLC Support in your region for assistance with using Article Exchange for document delivery.

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