Variable lender aging preparations

Tip of the Week October 17, 2013

In November 2013, lenders’ “Days to Respond” settings in the OCLC Policies Directory will display in staff workforms and holdings displays.* In addition, WorldShare ILL will automatically use the “Days to Respond” setting from the Policies Directory when you select a lender that has set this value. This means WorldShare ILL users will no longer need to manage use of EMST designations as they do today. Instead, WorldShare ILL will automatically provide lenders with the appropriate number of days to respond, based on their Policies Directory setting for eight, twelve, sixteen or twenty days. 

This enhancement will save time for your ILL staff and keep your ILL requests moving as quickly as possible to potential lenders.


In preparation for this November enhancement, you can choose whether your library uses the default of four days to respond or set a value of eight, twelve, sixteen or twenty in the OCLC Policies Directory. 

OCLC Policies Directory

Set your Days to Respond in the OCLC Policies Directory

Detailed instructions about preparing your Days to Respond setting for the November enhancement are provided in the following resources:


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