Introduction to OCLC Interlibrary Loan (Recording)

Course Overview

This course recording is designed to acquaint new member libraries and/or new ILL staff to OCLC’s Interlibrary Loan (ILL) system, WorldShare ILL. It will introduce the ILL workflow in the system, as well as the various modules associated with doing ILL over OCLC, including the concept of holdings in WorldCat (cataloging), WorldShare ILL, the ILL Policies Directory, OCLC Service Configuration, and the WorldCat Registry.

Expected Benefits

At the end of this recording, learners will understand how requests are made in WorldShare ILL. They will also become familiar with the various other systems and modules associated with WorldShare, and leave the session knowing how to establish basic ILL information such as Constant Data and loan policies in the Policies Directory.

The OCLC cooperative will benefit by assisting libraries with a smooth transition to the new system, and maintain ongoing availability of the service to member libraries.


This recorded course is designed for libraries that are new, first-time subscribers to WorldShare ILL, and for staff from libraries with established subscriptions but who are new to the service themselves. This course can also serve as a refresher or review for library staff who may have never had training and want more information about ILL on OCLC.

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Launch Recording



Course Length

1 hour 35 min.

Recording Date

5 February 2015


WorldShare ILL

Subject Area

Resource Sharing


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