Instructor-led Learning

If you prefer to attend online, instructor-led training we have good news for you. After just two classes, you'll be up and running on the new WorldShare ILL system.

Our online instructor-led courses include live demonstrations and hands-on simulations to help you understand the system before you start borrowing and lending in your live system. 

We recommend that you take the borrowing class first, as the lending class builds on skill you learn in the borrowing class.

Click the links below to find dates for each class, or get a quick look at upcoming dates on the list to the right.

WorldShare ILL Migration Training - Borrowing

WorldShare ILL Migration Training - Lending

As you're making the transition to the new system, you may also want to take advantage of some of the automation tools available to increase the efficiency of your borrowing and lending activities, although these courses are not required to making the transition.

Custom Holdings on WorldShare ILL

Deflection on WorldShare ILL

After you complete the training, you might find the tutorials below helpful to refresh your memory on specific topics from the training:

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