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Your Learning Path for WorldShare ILL

The migration to WorldShare ILL is a straightforward, three-step process.  This guide will point you to the learning resources you need to make a smooth transition.

Step 1 - Prepare for migration

First, you will want to get an Overview of the WorldShare ILL Migration.

This information will help you understand what you can do to be ready to make the switch to the new system.

You will also want to review WorldShare ILL functionality to learn when the features most important to your library will be available (most already are).

Step 2 - Create your account for WorldShare ILL

1. This short tutorial will guide you through the account creation process

2. If you want to set up additional accounts for your institution, this tutorial will guide you.

Step 3 - Learn the new system

We recognize that different people learn in different ways and have different scheduling needs.  We've created resources that can help you learn the system in the style that suits you best.

1. I want to get started right away.  I like to dig into a new system and learn as I go.

2. I want an instructor to guide me, but I dont have the flexibility to attend the scheduled training,

3. I want an instructor to guide me in the new system, and be able to ask questions and do hands-on exercises in a real-time training session.

4. I am from a library that participates in an ILL group. I either submit my requests to an ILL borrowing management center or I am an ILL management center.  I need to learn how to use WorldShare ILL as an ILL borrowing management center or group library.


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