OCLC is pleased to offer EZproxy training as a convenient tutorial.  As part of our commitment to controlling costs and providing value for our members, this training is offered for free to users of the service.

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Release Updates

Upcoming Release Updates events will be posted to the EZproxy community located on the OCLC Community Center. (Logon is required.)

Recent events

16 May 2016

Introduction to EZproxy Hosted Service

In this session, Don Hamparian, Senior Product Manager at OCLC, discussed how libraries benefit from the EZproxy hosted solution, showed how it works, and reviewed the steps to implement.

06 October 2015

EZproxy 6.1 Release Update – September 2015

During this webinar, Don Hamparian, Senior Product Manager, walked through the changes made in the EZproxy 6.1 release and provided details about enhancements planned for the next release.

10 December 2014

EZproxy Support Site Update

At this session, Susan Musser, EZproxy information developer, presented a high-level overview of the new The EZproxy support site

30 May 2012

EZproxy_Ezproxy Virtual Users Group Meeting on IPv6

Join Josh Thomas, OCLC Security Officer, to hear about IPv6, what it means for your library, your institution and your users' access to electronic content. Don Hamparian and Charlotte Sturtz, OCLC Product Management team for EZproxy, answer questions related to EZproxy implementations for IPv6, timing for future releases and discussion.

17 August 2011

Introduction to EZproxy Hosted Service

Learn more about authentication and authorization for your library's e-resources. You'll learn how EZproxy and the EZproxy hosted service works and listen as EZproxy product manager Don Hamparian conducts Product Manager's Question Time.