WorldCat® Discovery Services training

OCLC is pleased to offer a variety of WorldCat® Discovery Services training.  As part of our commitment to controlling costs and providing value for our members, this training is offered at no cost to users of the service.

WorldCat® Discovery Services office hours

These ongoing web sessions are designed to help you take action on the information you've learned through the video instruction.  Sign on to this session, and our friendly OCLC staff will help answer any questions you might have specific to WorldCat® Discovery Services.

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If you can't find the course you're looking for, have an idea for a training course you'd like to see, or have any questions about training, please let us know.  We look forward to hearing from our members!

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12 October 2017

OCLC Contactdag 2017

Third Places: Beleving is omgeving

22 August 2017

Expanding discovery and visibility of all your library’s collections: A demonstration of the WMS discovery interface

A 45-minute demonstration focusing on how WorldCat Discovery Services serves as the discovery interface for WorldShare Management Services.