(Recording) QuestionPoint Administration 3 - Generating and Interpreting Reports

Course overview

This course provides instruction on a variety of QuestionPoint reports to assist learners with identifying service trends, making management decisions, and providing quality control for their institutions and/or groups. Learners will be able to see the convenient reporting capabilities that exist at the subscription group level, the individual library level, and the librarian level, as well as identify the appropriate reports for the desired information.


This course is intended for learners with an Ask Administrator account, an Institution Administration account, and/or Group (BME) Administration account who are new to the Reports feature of QuestionPoint. Current QuestionPoint administrators can also benefit from the class as a refresher or to fill in any foundational gaps about Reports.

How to use this self-paced course

OCLC's self-paced training recordings are a useful tool for understanding the functionality our products when you want the in-depth learning of an instructor-led course, but your schedule won't permit you to attend. They are also great as refreshers of past training or as preparation for upcoming instructor-led courses. They can help you learn a new service, teach a new staff member how to use a service, or simply help you confirm your understanding of the service, without the time commitment of attanding a live course.

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Course Length

45 Minutes

Recording Date

17 December 2014



Subject Area


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