OCLC is pleased to offer a variety of QuestionPoint training, in both instructor-led and tutorial formats.  As part of our commitment to controlling costs and providing value for our members, this training is offered for free to users of the service.

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Upcoming training

Recorded training

28 January 2016

QuestionPoint Administrator 3 (Recording)

Learn the reporting capabilities that exist at the subscription group and individual library levels, as well as identify the appropriate reports for the desired information.

27 January 2016

QuestionPoint Administrator 2 (Recording)

Define your library's profiles for QuestionPoint and your library's policy pages to join the 24/7 Reference Cooperative, as well as manage your library’s knowledge base workflow.

26 January 2016

QuestionPoint Administrator 1 (Recording)

Create service web links for patron access, create librarian accounts, and customize communication parameters for patrons and staff to facilitate ease of use.

11 December 2014

QuestionPoint Librarian 4 Recording

More instruction on FlashChat, including instant messaging with another Chat librarian, transferring an existing patron, and Co-browsing during a Chat session.

10 December 2014

QuestionPoint Librarian 3 (Recording)

Learn the basic skills to appropriately and successfully route transcript for follow-up and refer questions to another library or subject matter expert.

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