MARC21 in Your Library. Part 1, MARC and Bibliographic Information: Fundamentals (TMQ)


Course Overview

This two-part course is a beginner's introduction to MARC21 and how it is meant to work in a library automation system. It explains what the MARC standards are, and how we apply those standards to code the bibliographic information that our cataloging rules tell us to provide, so that our data will function effectively in a library catalog. Click here for more details about the contents of the course

Part 1 of this course is made up of a series of free online modules, available 24/7, and covers the underlying fundamentals of MARC and bibliographic information. Click the button to access these modules.


Directors, reference people, acquisitions people, copy catalogers, beginning catalogers, and experienced but untrained catalogers.

Suggested Skill Set:

Attendees should have at least seen a MARC record, preferably in their own library catalog or using OCLC Connexion or CatExpress, or at least in the Library of Congress catalog.


How to use this self-paced course


OCLC's self-paced training recordings are a useful tool for understanding the functionality our products when you want the in-depth learning of an instructor-led course, but your schedule won't permit you to attend. They are also great as refreshers of past training or as preparation for upcoming instructor-led courses. They can help you learn a new service, teach a new staff member how to use a service, or simply help you confirm your understanding of the service, without the time commitment of attending a live course.


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Course Length

Approximately 4.5 Hours

Subject Area

Cataloging and Metadata