Just for CopyCats. Part 1, Background and Searching (TMQ)


Course Overview

This two-part course outlines the basic principles of copy cataloging in a MARC record environment. It will introduce you to the art of: finding cataloging records that you can copy; ensuring that those records really match your resources; and fixing the really important things that might need fixing in those records. Click here for more details about the contents of the course

Part 1 of this course is made up of a series of free online modules, available 24/7, and covers: some useful background material; how to read a MARC record for searching and matching; and advice on search terms and results. Click the button to access these modules.


Acquisitions people, copy catalogers, beginning catalogers, and experienced but untrained catalogers.

Recommended prerequisites:

"MARC21 in Your Library. Part 1, MARC & Bibliographic Information Fundamentals (TMQ)"; a series of free online modules; total length approx. 5 hrs; available 24/7.

MARC21 in Your Library. Part 2, MARC Coding: The Core Codes and Their Functions (TMQ); a series of live online modules; total length approx 7.5 hrs

Suggested Skill Set:

Attendees should have at least seen a MARC record, preferably in their own library catalog or using OCLC Connexion or CatExpress, or at least in the Library of Congress catalog.

How to use this self-paced course

OCLC's self-paced training recordings are a useful tool for understanding the functionality our products when you want the in-depth learning of an instructor-led course, but your schedule won't permit you to attend. They are also great as refreshers of past training or as preparation for upcoming instructor-led courses. They can help you learn a new service, teach a new staff member how to use a service, or simply help you confirm your understanding of the service, without the time commitment of attending a live course.


Launch Course



Course Length

Approximately 2.0 Hours

Subject Area

Cataloging and Metadata