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MCLS is a non-profit membership organization providing libraries a convenient, single point of contact for training, group purchasing, and technical support for electronic resources.

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Upcoming training

29 August 2017


This class will be online for one 2-hour session. You will receive additional instructions on how to attend this session after registering for this class.

05 September 2017

Writing for the Web (MCLS)

Learn how good writing for the web, and thoughtful, timely user assistance (Help!) will make for a better user experience for your patrons.

19 September 2017

Copy Cataloging of Monographs Using RDA (MCLS)

In this hands-on workshop, you will explore the foundations behind RDA, the tools included in the RDA Toolkit and leave with a better understanding of how to transition from AACR2 to RDA. (3 days / 2-hour session per day)

19 September 2017

Authorities (MCLS)

Covers guidelines for selection of authority records, content and interpretation of authority records, and an explanation of each field, subfield, and data element in the authority record. (3-day/ 2-hour sessions per day)

27 September 2017

Original Cataloging of Sound Recordings Using RDA (MCLS)

This workshop teaches participants how to catalog sound recordings (CDs, MP3s and cassettes, both musical and nonmusical), using such tools as RDA and Library of Congress Subject Headings Manual. (3 days / 2-hour session per day)

03 October 2017

Partnering outside the box (MCLS)

This workshop covers building partnerships with local businesses including space logistics, promotion, contracts (or not), and more.