Image Editing Fundamentals (Amigos)

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Image editing is an important step in the workflows for library and archival staff scanning analog originals and digital photographers creating born-digital photographs. This workshop is intended for library and archival staff who need a solid introduction to the technology and practices of editing raster digital images (images composed of pixels rather than vectors).

Although the workshop utilizes Adobe Photoshop for the examples and demonstrations, the concepts and techniques taught can apply to any full-featured image editor. The topics to be covered include: raster images; limitations of image editing; assessing digital images; corrections for noise, brightness/contrast, color and sharpness; undoing edits; downsampling, working with layers; non-destructive editing; selecting parts of images; image retouching; de-skewing and working with raw image files.

Learning Objectives - Describe components of raster images and how they are modified during editing - Use histograms to assess deficiencies in digital images and propose corrections - Apply image editing tools to correct noise, brightness/contrast, color and sharpen images - Practice using layers to apply non-destructive edits to images - Apply retouching, cropping and deskewing tools to improve appearance and composition of digital images - Assess advantages and disadvantages of editing RAW image files, including the Adobe DNG file format Target Audience Library, archival and museum staff responsible for digitizing analog originals.

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4.0 Hours (2 days / 2-hour sessions per day)

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Live Online


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Digital Collection Management


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