Digital Library Systems and Applications (Amigos)

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Course Overview

Digital Library Systems and Applications will provide information about evaluating, adapting, and developing systems and applications for born-digital and digitized material.

The course will explore the following topics:

- User-Centered Design: Functional Requirements, Use Cases, and Usability - Components of Digital Collections: Collections Objects, Object Metadata, and System Models - Workflows: Creating, Acquiring, Administering, Accessing, and Disposing of Data - Interoperability: Protocols, standards, and transformations Learning Objectives At the conclusion of this workshop, students will be able to: - Identify digital library design and development processes - Understand the relationships between data/metadata and system functionality - Design staff workflows for using digital library systems - Describe methods to reuse components of digital collections in alternative systems to meet user needs.


This course is intended for library, archives, and museum professionals with experience in collections management or cataloging.

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8.0 Hours (4 days / 2-hour sessions per day)

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Live Online


Subject Area

Digital Collection Management


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