Frequently Asked Questions

Free Training

What courses are offered at no cost to OCLC members?

Online, instructor-led training for nearly all our products and services is offered free of charge to members.  Tutorials and recorded training sessions are also available for free.

OCLC implemented this policy as part of our commitment to keeping our members' costs as low as possible.  Free training, and the cost savings associated with well-trained library staff, help our libraries to meet their goals in a cost effective way.

The exception to this policy is that ILLiad training, which is offered by Atlas Systems, will not change—training will still be required and offered for a fee.  OCLC also occasionally facilitates training from other providers at a fee.  The fees for these occasional events are kept as low as possible, covering the costs of providing training.

Customized training (online or in-person) will continue to be available for a fee. The cost associated with customized training varies, based on the level of instruction and material covered, location and the size of the group. Please contact the Training Team by sending an e-mail to for more details.

Why are there classes here that charge fees? I thought all OCLC training was free.

OCLC's training on our products and services (e.g., Connexion training) is free to our members.  Our training partners and contract providers also offer courses that teach knowledge and skills related to our products and services (e.g., RDA training).  Our partners set the fees and handle registrations for these courses, and most will continue to have a fee associated with them.

Registration, Billing, and Certificates

How do I get a certificate for the course that I attended?

In order to sustain our ability to offer our free courses, we cannot provide formal certificates for our training courses.  All participants who register and complete a course session will receive an email confirmation message that verifies their attendance at the training course.  This confirmation will serve as proof of attendance for CE or employer verification purposes.

What if a class I want to sign up for is full?

Due to high demand for our free training courses, classes are often filled quickly.  If a class is full, you will see a notice when you click the registration link.  Complete the waitlist registration to add your name to the waiting list for the class.  You will be notified if a space becomes available in the course.

How can I pay for classes listed on this site?

Any OCLC courses listed with a fee will have payment instructions as part of the registration process. If a course is offered by one of our Training Partners, registration and payment will be handled through that partner's website.

How do I get a confirmation/receipt to show that I registered for a class?

You will receive a confirmation email showing the course you registered for and the amount billed (please check your spam settings to allow email from

If you have not received a confirmation email within 2 hours of registering for a course, please contact us at or call 1-800-848-5800.

How can I be put on a mailing list to receive up-to-date information about OCLC training offerings?

Visit the OCLC email updates page here and sign up for OCLC Training E-mails.  You will receive regular announcements about upcoming training opportunities related to OCLC's products and services.  While you're there, you can sign up for the OCLC eNewsletter to stay abreast of the latest developments at OCLC, along with training information and updates.

How do I withdraw from a class that I signed up for?

For OCLC courses, the registration confirmation you received will contain a link to cancel your registration.  Although your registration is free, cancelling your registration allows the next person on the waitlist to attend in your place.

Can I switch my registration to another class?

You can simply withdraw from the current course, and sign up for the new course you wish to attend.  If you need additional assistance with a special situation, please contact us at or call 1-800-848-5800

Will I get a reminder before the session?

Yes, you will receive two reminder emails, the first about 24 hours prior to the training session, the second about 15 minutes before the training.  To ensure that you receive these reminder emails, please be sure your spam filter is set to allow emails from

Technical Requirements

What are the technical requirements for participating in an online training session?

You can view the technical requirements for participating in our online training sessions here.

What do I need in order to hear the audio on the course?

You will be given the choice of using either your telephone or a headset attached to your computer when you login to the session.

Using a telephone  

A speaker phone or telephone headset is preferable. If you will be using an unfamiliar speaker phone or headset, ensure that you are familiar with its features. 

Things to think about: Does your phone have a mute button?  Does your speaker phone also have a microphone, or must you use the handset to speak?  Can you replace the handset without disconnecting the call?

Using a computer headset

The headset must have a microphone in order for you to ask questions.  Ensure that you know how to connect the computer headset to the computer, and plug it in and test it prior to the session. 

Things to think about: Do you need to turn the headset on, or does it turn on automatically when connected?  When you connect or turn on the headset, does it automatically disable built-in speakers so that you don’t hear feedback?  Can you both listen and speak?  How do you adjust the volume for listening and speaking?

How do I log in to a webinar or online course?

The easiest way to join your scheduled course is to follow the links that will be sent in the reminder emails.  These will take you directly to the login for the session.

I'm calling in to an OCLC training session from outside the U.S. What phone number do I use?

You can find the list of WebEx global calling numbers here

Other frequently asked questions

What advice do you have to get the most out of a course?

When you register

  • To minimize interruptions, inform your colleagues of the date and time that you will be participating in the webinar.
  • Make sure you have a space where you can listen and talk without disturbing others, and where you have both a computer and either a speaker phone, telephone headset, or computer headset.
  • If you need assistance from your organization’s information technology (IT) staff to prepare the computer or telephone, request that assistance now.
  • Think about the topic and the top five things you want to get out of the session. Write five questions – in order of importance to you – that will help you focus on the information you want.

The day of the course

  • If handouts were provided, have these readily available.
  • Have a notepad and pen nearby.
  • Have your lunch/snacks and drink readily available.
  • Go to the restroom beforehand.
  • Log in about 10-15 minutes before the webinar start time 


During the webinar

  • Listen for the opening ground rules.  This will help you understand when to ask questions and how.
  • Please don’t use your phone’s hold button, since all participants can hear your hold music.
  • Take notes about the details you find interesting, useful, or puzzling
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions – they make the session better for everyone

If your computer is not displaying the appropriate screens, you may need to clear your web browser’s cache.  If you are unsure how to do this, work with someone at your institution who can help with this.   Check your browser’s help file to determine the instructions for your browser

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