Searching Tips for OCLC Z39.50 Institution Records


This document provides information about searching for library staff who help plan the configuration of the library's Z39.50 client. It also helps those who train or supervise staff who will use the OCLC Z39.50 Cataloging service.

The Z39.50 Configuration Guide for OCLC Z39.50 Cataloging also contains information about the server's searching capabilities.

For information describing MARC record structure, character sets, and exchange media formatting, see OCLC-MARC Records at:

General Search Tips

Databases available

In addition to OCLCInstitutionRecords, you can use the OCLC Z39.50 Cataloging service to search these OCLC databases:

Database More information


Searching Tips for OCLC Z39.50 Cataloging


Searching Tips for OCLC Z39.50 Authorities

Depending upon your client, separate sessions may be required for each database.

Indexes available

The indexes provided by the server are listed in MARC fields and subfields indexed below.

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OCLC Institution Records

In its initial version, the OCLCInstitutionRecords database contains institution records acquired from other cataloging systems (initially RLG Union Catalog bibliographic records from the Research Libraries Information Network). An institution record preserves a specific institution's MARC bibliographic description for a specific library item. Unlike WorldCat master records, a given item may have multiple independent institution records associated or attached to it.

952 Field.  Within the records, the attachment is indicated by the 952 field. Each institution record contains a minimum of two 952 fields:

  • The first 952 field listed always identifies the WorldCat master record to which the institution record is attached.
  • Additional 952 fields will contain data for each institution record attached to the master record, including the current institution record itself. These 952 fields will be listed by OCLC institution record control number in ascending order. There will always be at least one added 952 field — for the current institution record itself.

In the following examples, the display will vary according to your local client.

Example 1: A single institution record for an item. The Institution Record from Temple University (TEU) has been attached to master record OCLC 1334725 from the Orange County Library system:
010:__ {a}   67017280  
040:__ {a}PPT {c}TEU 
                                                  035:__ {a}(OCoLC)125456995 
079:__ {a}ocm01334725 
090:__ {a}E169.1 .A85 1967 
100:1_ {a}Ashbolt, Allan. 
                                                  245:13 {a}An American experience / {c}Allan Ashbolt 
250:__ (a)1st American ed.
260:__ {a}New York : {b}P.S. Eriksson, {c}c1967. 
300:__ {a}304 p., {c}23 cm. 
504:__ {a}Bibliography :p.[295]-394. 
                                                  650:_0 {a}African Americans {x}Civil rights. 
650:_0 {a}United States {x}Civilization {y}1945- 
650:_0 {a}National characteristics, American. 
651:_0 {a}United States Foreign opinion,Australian. 
                                                  952:__ {a}1334725 {z}ORL {b}ORANGE CNTY LIBR SYST {h}Full OCLC member {i}LCC {k}DDC {u}20041111
952:__ {a}125456995 {z}TEU {b}TEMPLE UNIV {h}Other {u}20070512

Example 2: The Institution Record from the Yale University Library is the most recently attached Institution Record to Master Record OCLC 1005120 from the Washington State Library:

010:__ {a}   61013272  
040:__ {a}DLC VGX 
                                                  035:__ {a}(OCoLC) 131978105 
043:__ {a}a-us-or 
050:00 {a}QK182 .P4 .1961
079:__ {a}ocm1005120
100:1_ {a}Peck, Mortin Eaton, B.1871
                                                  245:02 {a}A manual of the higher plants of Oregon.
250:   {a}2d ed.
260:__ {a}[Portland, OR.] {b} Binfords & Mort [1961]
300:__ {a}936 p. : {b}illus., map. 23 cm. 
650:_0 {a}Plants {z}Oregon 
                                                  952:__ {a}1001520 {z}WJR {b}WASHINGTON STATE LIBR {h}Full not ex. {i}LCC {k}DDC {u}20061220 
952:__ {a}124625177 {z}LHL {b}LINDA HALL LIBR {h}Full not ex. {i}LCC {k}DDC {u}20070511 
952:__ {a}124999231 {z}VGX {b}NEW YORK BOTANICAL GARDEN LIBR {h}Full {u}20070512 
952:__ {a}131978105 {z}YUS {b}YALE UNIV LIBR {h}Full not ex. {i}LCC {k}DDC {u}20070518

Note: If no institution records are attached to a WorldCat master record, the 952 field does not appear.

See Field 952 structure for a description of the 952 subfields.

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MARC Fields and Subfields Indexed


For each index, the table below lists the combinations of Use and Structure attributes used to access the index through the OCLC Z39.50 server. The table also lists the MARC fields and subfields covered by the index. Where "word" is valid as a structure attribute, "word list" is valid as well.

OCLC provides a Test Server to assist users and system vendors with Z39.50 client configuration.

Z39.50 Attribute Map for OCLC Z39.50 Institution Record Indexing

Institution Record Control Number
Use/Structure Attrib. MARC Fields and Subfields Indexed

12/word, phrase


This value must be retrieved from the 952 field of a WorldCat record.

See OCLC Institution Records above.

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Holding Library
Use/Structure Attrib. MARC Fields and Subfields Indexed


Holdings information

Enter the OCLC Institution Symbol.

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System Control Number
Use/Structure Attrib. MARC Fields and Subfields Indexed


035 ‡a

Enter all existing punctuation; you may omit parentheses if you choose..

Example: (CStRLIN)G32495957-S is searched as (CStRLIN)G3249597-S or CStRLING3249597-S.

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Master OCLC Number
Use/Structure Attrib. MARC Fields and Subfields Indexed



Lists all institution records attached to a master record

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Field 952 Structure

952 subfield Always

Nature of

‡a y Control Field 001, Control Number Complete record ID
‡b y 040 ‡c, Transcribing agency Name of institution
‡z y 040 ‡c, Transcribing agency OCLC institution symbol
‡c n Based on presence of 066 ‡c, Alternate character set
If 066 ‡c is... Then 952 ‡c is...
$1 CJK
(3 or (4 Arabic
(N or (Q Cyrillic
(S Greek
(2 Hebrew
all other Display the actual value in ‡c, i.e., Beng, Thai, etc.
‡d n Based on presence of ‡u, Electronic Access, in: 505, 506, 514, 520, 530, 538, 540, 545, 555, 563, 583, or 856 URI
‡e n Control Field 007 Microform, position 11, Generation
If 007mic/11 is... Then 952 ‡e is...
a Master microform
b Printing master microform
c Service copy microform
m Mixed generation microform

Note: This is a repeatable field. Multiple values in 952 ‡e are displayed separated by commas.

‡g n Control Field 007 Electronic Resource, position 13, Reformatting quality
If 007ele/13 is Then 952 ‡g is...
a Access
p Preservation
r Replacement
‡h y Leader, position 17, Encoding Level
If Leader 17 is Then 952 ‡h is...
(blank) Full
1 Full, not ex.
2 Less-than-full
3 Abbrev.
4 Core
5 Partial
7 Minimal
8 Prepub
I Full OCLC member
K Less-than-full OCLC member
L Full batch
M Less-than-full batch
E Validation error, batch
J Deleted record
all other Other
‡i n Based on presence of 050, LC Class number LCC
‡j n Based on presence of 060, NLM Class number NLM
‡k n Based on presence of 082, Dewey Decimal Class number DDC
‡l n 040 ‡b, Language of cataloging. MARC language code for all languages other than English
‡n n Based on presence of 520, Summary, Etc. Summary
‡p n 042 ‡a, Authentication code Code information
‡q n Action note Value of 583 ‡a
‡r n Leader, position 8, Type of control Archival control
‡t n Based on presence of 505, Formatted Contents Note Contents
‡u y Control Field 005, Date and Time of Latest Transaction Date in yyyymmdd format.

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Non-Latin Scripts

Z39.50 Cataloging supports non-Latin scripts using either the MARC-8 or the Unicode UTF-8 character sets (see MARC-8 Note).

Four options are available. Note that fields may have a different overall appearance and 880 fields may not display in your particular Z39.50 client. See Z39.50 Configuration Guide for OCLC Z39.50 Cataloging for details on selecting an option.

Note: All records shown are MARC-8 WorldCat master records.

  • Include all data, with non-Latin scripts in the 880 field(s).

  • Include Latin script only [ no 880 field(s)].

  • Include all data, with Latin script in the 880 field(s).

  • Include non-Latin scripts only [ no 880 fields(s)].

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MARC-8 Note

Note: When the MARC-8 default is retained, UTF-8 characters that cannot be converted to MARC-8 are displayed as hexadecimal numeric character references ( view example).

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