Manage staff accounts for the WorldShare® interface

If you have administrative privileges in the WorldShare interface for a WorldShare product or service, you can add additional staff accounts for accessing the service to which you have administrative access.

Review the definitions of account roles available to choose which roles to assign the new accounts.

Create a new staff account

Each staff member should have his or her own account. A staff member with administrative privileges for specific services has the option to add additional staff accounts and assign the accounts roles for those services.

  1. Ask your staff member what user name they would like or choose one for them and let them know what it is soon after you create the account.
  2. Log in at your library's WorldShare URL:  https://[yourlibraryprefix]
  3. Click Admin. The User Management page will open.
  4. Under User Management, click New User. You will see the Basic User Data panel. Fill out the fields listed below:

First Name: Required
Last Name: Highly recommended
E-mail: This is required so the user can get an email prompting her to create a password.
User name: If the system does not allow you to type in the field, enter the user name in the Barcode field. Doing so will automatically populate the User name field.
Expiration date under Identity Management: If desired. By default, the account will expire in 5 years. You can edit this in the future.

Libraries that use WorldShare circulation funcitionality and those that typed the user name in the *Barcode field have additional required fields marked with a red asterisk. View the video tutorial if you need help.
Home Branch: Select Main or the appropriate branch.
  *Patron Type: Select from the drop down options.

  1. Click Create and when the system displays the confirmation message, click OK.
    Proceed to the next section of this guide to assign roles.

Assign roles to the new account, disable, or edit existing accounts

Navigate to the account if needed (See #2 and #3 above). Search for the user's account by using the person's name or by entering an asterisk. Entering a * and clicking "search" will return a list of all existing user accounts. Click the user's name to open the options for the account.

Assign roles:

  1. Expand Roles and click Edit.
  2. Leave Everyone checked. All users need that permission.
  3. Select the appropriate role(s) after viewing the definitions.
  4. Click Save.
  5. If this is a new account, the staff member will need to set a password:
    Direct him/her to set a password by going to your library's WorldShare URL and clicking the "Set/reset password." Your staff member will need to know his/her user name. The system will send an email with a link to set a password.

    Alternatively, you can send a system-generated email to the staff member as follows: Under Identity Management, click Set/reset password. An automated email will be sent to the email address in that account/profile. He/she will get an automated email and must follow a link within 24 hours and set a password.

Caution! Send the staff member his/her user name. Your staff member needs this information to create a password.

To disable an account:
  1. Click Basic User Data and click Edit.
  2. Under Identity Management, select the box next to the word “Disabled?
  3. Click Save.
To edit general user information:
  1. Expand the relevant section and click Edit.
  2. Edit the account as needed.
  3. Click Save.

How to resend a "set/reset password" link to your staff member

After you add a staff account, the user will recieve an automated e-mail with a link and he/she has 24 hours to create the password before the link expires. Please return to the Admin tab and search for the user. Under Basic User Data - Identity Management, click Set/reset password.

The system will send your staff member an e-mail message that will say "Library Password Management." Send the staff member his/her user name. Within 24 hours, he/she will need to click a link in the e-mail and fill out:
  - User Name
  - New Password and Confirm New Password

To save, the user will click Change Password and then will be able to go to your library's WorldShare URL and log in.