Record Manager documentation

Online Documentation

Record Manager Online Help

Describes the features available in Record Manager along with related procedures and reference information.

User Guide

Record Manager User Guide

This document is the PDF version of the online help content. Use this PDF to print out sections of the manual to use as desktop aids.

Quick References

Searching WorldCat Indexes Quick Reference

Provides a table that lists the available index labels that can be used when performing an expert search in Record Manager. The listing also provides notes and examples for each index label.

OCLC WorldShare Searching WorldCat Differences Quick Reference

Provides a list of global and search index changes for WorldShare.

Brief guidelines for editing and replacing WorldCat master records

Provides information on what records and fields can be edited by members of the Expert Community along with guidelines for what edits are appropriate.

Working with Local Bibliographic Data

Description of local bibliographic data (LBD), the fields that use LBDs, and the search labels you can use to search LBDs.

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