WorldCat Collection Sets

WorldCat Collection Sets was discontinued on September 30, 2014. Some sets have been migrated to our WorldCat knowledge base with ongoing record updates delivered via WorldShare Collection Manager. This list contains the library-created electronic sets that are in the WorldCat knowledge base and those that are not. Please refer to the tabs in the spreadsheet to determine the appropriate list to review. 

  • Microform, Non-Microform, and library-created Electronic Collection Sets are no longer available via WorldCat Collection Sets
  • OCLC-created Electronic Collection Sets migration to the WorldCat knowledge base will happen on a scheduled basis beginning in September and lasting through December 2014
  • If your institution has not yet been provisioned for WorldShare Metadata Collection Manager and the WorldCat knowledge base, please request access to WorldShare Metadata

If you use WorldCat Collection Sets and would like additional information, please contact

Workflow guides

View the WorldCat Collection Sets learning paths for:

  • Creating a Collection
  • Managing Collections
  • Getting MARC Records

GovDoc service

For libraries that receive WorldCat MARC records or manage WorldCat holdings for U.S. government publications via OCLC’s GovDoc service:

The GovDoc service is now incorporated into OCLC WorldShare Metadata Collection Manager which includes WorldCat knowledge base functionality. Please complete the steps under “Getting Started.”


Getting started

OCLC will add library-specific collections of U.S. government documents to a library’s Collection Manager account upon request from a library. Libraries who want to enjoy this service must have access to WorldShare Metadata Collection Manager in the WorldShare interface and notify OCLC.

  • If your library already has access to Collection Manager in the WorldShare interface (Metadata tab), please e-mail with the text below.
  • If your library needs access to the WorldShare interface, has access to the WorldShare interface, but does not have the Metadata tab, please include the text below in the comments section of the form.
  • If your library currently has access to the WorldCat knowledge base via the Service Configuration interface, but not via the WorldShare interface, then
    access to the interface and the use of Collection Manager is included in your cataloging subscription. Please complete and submit the Collection Manager request form. Please include the text below in the comments section of the form.

    “Please create my library-specific collections of government documents in Collection Manager. My WorldCat Registry ID is [number]. My GPO depository number is [number].”


Recorded training

GovDoc Service: What's Next?

Streaming  Download

Recorded on December 16, 2013
13 minutes

Next steps

Verify that OCLC has completed adding your library-specific collection information

It can take up to one month before your collections are active and viewable in the WorldShare interface. OCLC will contact you when your collections have been added. Once your GovDoc collection has been added for you, you will be able to view a title list of your collections:

  • Log in to the WorldShare interface, click on the Metadata tab, and expand “Manage Collections.”
  • Leave “My Holdings” checked. Search by using part of a collection or provider name:

    (Collection) U.S. Government Documents - Electronic
    (Collection) U.S. Government Documents - Non-electronic
    (Provider) The U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO)

When your collection is returned, click on a collection name to see title information as well as drop down options for WorldCat holdings and MARC records where you will adjust settings as described below.

See when OCLC loaded your collections by navigating to “Activity History” in the Metadata tab under “Manage Collections.” OCLC will reload your collections/collection metadata every month.

Review settings to maintain holdings in WorldCat

Collection Manager provides the convenience of automatically maintaining your holdings in WorldCat as titles are added, deleted or updated in your collections.

  • If you have been using Collection Manager or the WorldCat knowledge base in any interface to set holdings in WorldCat: When OCLC adds your library-specific collection of U.S. government documents, the setting to maintain holdings in WorldCat will be activated automatically.
  • If this is the first time you are using Collection Manager or the WorldCat knowledge base to set holdings in WorldCat: You will need to turn on the setting that applies to all of your collections. Expand the “Set and maintain holdings in WorldCat” section on the WorldCat knowledge base support page for specific instructions.

Enable, customize and retrieve MARC records if desired

See numbers 1 through 4 on the Collection Manager support page and review these tips specific to U.S. government document collections:

  • Note that your collection is considered a Standard Collection from the WorldCat knowledge base as mentioned in number 1 on the page linked above.
  • You have the option to forgo receiving new records for titles you already have holdings set on in WorldCat. Libraries migrating from the GovDoc service may be interested in this setting.
    When you enable MARC delivery per collection, find the setting called “WorldCat Holdings.” By default, “yes” is selected and when you enable MARC record delivery for a collection, you will receive a complete set of records that includes a record for all titles even if you already received them from OCLC's GovDoc service. If desired, change this to “no” and you will only receive new records for titles you do not yet hold in WorldCat.
  • Find instructions in section 2 in the collection-level settings document on how to choose settings per collection to have your records for a collection output in a separate file from other records. For example, you might want records for your electronic collection and for your print collection to each be output in a dedicated file.

(WorldCat Local & WMS libraries only) Enable links to full text

  • See the “Service-specific settings” section on the WorldCat knowledge base support page for specific instructions. Look under the tab that says “Discovery.”


Explore your expanded options with the WorldCat knowledge base/OCLC WorldShare Metadata Collection Manager

Visit the WorldShare Collection Manager product pages and support pages and the WorldCat knowledge base product pages and support pages for more information.

eSerials Holdings service

Libraries currently using the eSerials Holdings service should review the information below to maintain their electronic resource holdings in WorldCat. The complete management of WorldCat holdings for electronic materials and delivery of MARC records is now available with the WorldCat knowledge base through OCLC WorldShare Metadata Collection Manager. As a result, OCLC officially discontinued the eSerials Holdings service on March 1, 2014.

About the WorldCat knowledge base

The WorldCat knowledge base offers similar benefits to those of your current service but includes expanded functionality you can use now or in the future. It combines data about your library's electronic resources and linking features to enable access to all of your electronic resources enabling you to maintain this information in a single place. It includes title-level information as well as coverage representation. The WorldCat knowledge base exists within OCLC WorldShare Collection Manager. Not only can you automatically manage WorldCat holdings, but you also have the option to receive MARC records for these titles with ongoing updates. This provides your users with seamless access to e-books and other electronic materials via your catalog and other discovery tools.

After your library builds your knowledge base instance once by selecting your specific collections from the global knowledge base:

  • Your holdings are maintained in WorldCat and any other applications using this data are kept up-to-date via automated processes
  • At no additional charge, your library has the option to receive WorldCat MARC records. You have numerous options to customize your records with your library-specific information such as URLs and proxy information
  • You can synchronize your holdings with third-party systems you use to track your electronic resources and you can manage your electronic holdings in a single interface.

Getting started

  • Attend the recorded training session to the right.
  • Please submit the request form if your library does not currently use WorldShare Metadata/the WorldCat knowledge base in the WorldShare interface. The service is included in your Cataloging Subscription.
  • OCLC Order Services will then send you a URL and credentials so you can establish a password for the WorldShare interface.

Recorded training

What’s Next for the eSerials Holdings Service?

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Recorded on September 12, 2013
7 minutes

Transition steps

Gather any information about your collections you might need to prepare to begin Step 1. See the WorldCat knowledge base Monthly Updates page for a list of Collections in the WorldCat knowledge base. Proceed with the following steps:

Step 1: Add collections to your knowledge base as desired. See your options for adding ebook, serial, and other collections on the documentation page which includes video tutorials.

Step 2: Configure your settings including setting holdings in WorldCat as desired. See the Set and maintain holdings in WorldCat and the Configure knowledge base settings sections of the WorldCat knowledge base support area.

Step 3: When you are ready to discontinue using the eSerials Holdings service:

  • Notify OCLC to discontinue your eSerials Holdings service via an email to Please include your OCLC Symbol and Registry ID if you know it.
  • Then, notify your other knowledge base vendor to stop your eSerials Holdings feeds to OCLC.

You may discontinue at any point in the process, however, please note that the eSerials Holdings service was officially discontinued on March 1, 2014.


Explore your expanded options with the WorldCat knowledge base/OCLC WorldShare Metadata Collection Manager

For more documentation and short recorded training videos on adding collections to your knowledge base, see the WorldCat knowledge base support area. Included in the support area are details for visiting our live Office Hours. For more information on your options for getting MARC records, see the WorldShare Collection Manager support area.

Collection Set Migrating Libraries

View the migration guide pages for:

  • Ceating a Collection
  • Managing Collections
  • Getting MARC Records

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