Known Issues

Updated:  October 13, 2014

The table below lists known issues in OCLC WorldShare® Metadata Collection Manager.
Availability dates are subject to change. Known issues are also listed in the release notes. Please see the OCLC System Alerts page for active issues.

MARC record report issue

The OCLC Usage Statistics portal did not output daily record reports for subscribed Collection Manager users for certain days in September and early October.  Because of this reporting error the monthly record reports for September are inaccurate. We are now in the process of creating the corrected September monthly reports as well as corrected daily reports for both September and early October.

'Update' files being delivered incorrectly

In certain cases, for institutions that are using the WorldCat Cataloging Partners (WCP) service with the ‘Delayed Holdings’ option set to yes, Collection Manager is delivering ‘Update’ files incorrectly.  Collection Manager should only deliver an ‘Update’ file if the update WorldCat holdings feature is enabled and the updated record matches the profiled criteria for delivery, but currently the service is delivering an ‘Update’ file when it detects a change to the master record the institution has holdings on, whether or not the ‘WorldCat Updates’ option has been enabled in the Collection Manager interface. If your institution fits the above criteria please ignore any 'Update' file deliveries until this issue is corrected.

Customizing MARC record field issue

Collection Manager failing to save multiple field changes

When customizing MARC record fields for the delivery of records in Collection Manager, check after saving that your changes have stuck. In some cases, editing multiple tags has caused work not to save properly. We recommend saving after the additon or editing of each field.

Browser compatibility in WorldShare

We are investigating a report of an error message a user received while working in the WorldShare interface. We are testing the interface across various browsers. At this time, we suggest the use of Mozilla Firefox until we further investigate all browser compatibility issues.

Please note that the interface is designed to time out after periods of no activity; this is a security feature. If you are pulled away from your work in Collection Manager in the WorldShare interface for a time, you may need to log out and log back in, in order to save your changes.

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