Known Issues

Updated:  July 3, 2014

The table below lists known issues in OCLC WorldShare® Metadata Collection Manager.
Availability dates are subject to change. Known issues are also listed in the release notes. Please see the OCLC System Alerts page for active issues.

MARC record output schedule

Record delivery for Standard WorldCat knowledge base collections
When WorldCat knowledge base standard collections are activated or updated, Collection Manager outputs MARC records based on the changes. In some cases, the MARC records are output with the next file processed. For example, if a standard collection is changed on Monday and you have the frequency set to daily, the MARC record changes would be output on Tuesday. Currently, some activations and updates might not be reflected in the MARC record output for several days. OCLC is working to change this process to output the MARC records within one day.

Output for WorldCat query collections is not impacted, and changes are typically included in the next file processed.

This issue has been resolved: System alert schedule
Files of MARC records are output based on the frequency selected for the specific collection (daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly). File output for daily frequency is Monday – Friday. Previously, OCLC announced that we would post a system alert if files were not available by 6pm EST. When a large amount of data is processed, the daily files have been output closer to midnight EST. OCLC is working to change this process to output the files earlier in the day. Currently, OCLC will only post system alert messages if the daily file output for a specific day is skipped; if skipped, the data will be combined with the file for the following daily run. (Resolved as of 7/1/14)

Customizing MARC record field issue

Collection Manager failing to save multiple field changes
When customizing MARC record fields for the delivery of records in Collection Manager, check after saving that your changes have stuck. In some cases, editing multiple tags has caused work not to save properly. We recommend saving after the additon or editing of each field.

WorldCat holdings synchronization enhancements

In the December 2013 release notes, OCLC announced changes to the process that maintains WorldCat holdings on WorldCat knowledge base standard collections and new reports to detail when WorldCat holdings are added or deleted. These changes have not yet been introduced; OCLC expects to implement them in mid-2014.

Although the reports are not yet available, you can continue to register to receive them via email from within the Collection Manager interface under Manage Collections, Library Holdings, Enable MARC Record Delivery, Reports. Registrations will be retained so that you will automatically receive the emailed reports when they are available in mid-2014.

Setting holdings on WorldCat knowledge base collections
Collection Manager is aware of the current time delay involved in setting holdings in WorldCat. We are working to improve this process. These improvements are expected to significantly decrease the time is takes to set holdings on WorldCat knowledge base collections, and are planned to be implemented by the end of September 2014

Reports: The total number of records output as listed in your reports is incorrect

The system is incorrectly calculating the total number of records output as listed in your reports. Thus, the number of records shown in the reports might not match the number of records output to the server. In the reports, the total number reflects the number of rows present in the report; however, because some rows contain repeated titles/OCLC numbers and are listed as “Multiple Occurrences,” the number of rows does not mirror the amount of records output on the server. When the “Multiple Occurrences” column contains the value “Y,” the MARC record should only be counted once and “Total” should reflect the item as only counted once. Thus, the overall total listed in the report reflects an inflated, incorrect amount. This applies to New, Updated, and Deleted Records Reports.

Browser compatibility in WorldShare

We are investigating a report of an error message a user received while working in the WorldShare interface. We are testing the interface across various browsers. At this time, we suggest the use of Mozilla Firefox until we further investigate all browser compatibility issues.

Please note that the interface is designed to time out after periods of no activity; this is a security feature. If you are pulled away from your work in Collection Manager in the WorldShare interface for a time, you may need to log out and log back in, in order to save your changes.

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