WorldShare Management Services support

OCLC offers world-class support for the WorldShare Management Services community from the highly-experienced Implementation Services team and Customer Support staff to the online User Support Center.

User Support Center

The User Support Center [password-protected] contains a wealth of information about how to implement and use OCLC WorldShare Management Services. Community members are able to find answers to questions and participate in discussions with other WorldShare Management Services users.

OCLC Implementation Services: implementation expertise, resources and tools

For libraries that have chosen OCLC's WorldShare Management Services, the OCLC WMS implementation team will assist you with data migration, policy configuration, staff training and change management to ensure the success of your investment.

Your library will have the choice of a cohort or traditional implementation model.

  • With the cohort option, you will be part of a small group implementing WMS together, with a shared curriculum and on an established schedule. The innovative cohort model enables you to learn both from fellow cohort institutions and OCLC experts.
  • In contrast, the traditional option enables your library to implement WMS at your own pace and to work one-on-one with OCLC staff.

Whether you choose the cohort or traditional option, dedicated, experienced OCLC staff will guide you step-by-step through your WMS implementation.

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