Known Issues

Updated:  19 December 2016

The tables below list known issues in WorldShare® Interlibrary Loan.
Availability dates are subject to change.

Current Issues

Issue Details/work-around
Refund button does not display for closed requests.

If possible, issue IFM refunds before the request is closed.

Fix Date: TBD

Imprint date, language, and/or format may not appear in the Resource Sharing Stats or Reasons For No reports as of September 2016. Fix Date: TBD
When using Discover Items in WorldShare ILL, the "Search for versions with same title and author" link fails for some records. Change to word (au: ) rather than phrase (au=) search, and try again.

Fix Date: TBD
Patron-initiated ILL with OCLC Direct Request occasionally selects a bibliographic record for a print item rather than the electronic item, and vice versa.
Fix Date: TBD
Duplicate electronic delivery service types in constant data under the Electronic Delivery option results in an error. Confirm that electronic delivery settings in the OCLC ILL Policies Directory are complete, e.g. IP address is in the URL Field.
Note:  There is no need to make further edits in OCLC Service Configuration.
Search results ignore articles (the, a, an) at the beginning of a title when sorting title field. No current plans to fix this issue.

Fixed Issues

Issue Date Fixed
Patron-initiated requests that were mediated by staff display in the Direct Produced queue. December 2016

In Service Configuration, creating a new Custom Holdings Group (CHG) or saving changes to an existing CHG results in an error message.

If a CHG includes one or more OCLC symbols that contain a special character (i.e. $#@), saving changes to the CHG may result in symbols being dropped from the CHG.

December 2016
IFM refund and local currency options do not display in WorldShare ILL. October 2016
ILLiad customers see an error message when hovering over lender symbols to view OCLC Policies information. October 2016
Some data elements are unavailable or incorrect in August 2016 WorldShare Interlibrary Loan reports from the OCLC Usage Statistics site.

August 2016

Note: Corrected reports were released 22 September

Error message is displayed when a customer using WorldShare Circulation integration uses a barcode scanner to enter the Item Barcode when receiving a loan request. August 2016
Lenders are unable to save changes when dropping an Article Exchange file to a copy request that has already been shipped. The Save button is inactive. August 2016
If a lender viewing a request in Submitted status (Can you supply?) enters a newline character while selecting any field, the request is updated to Shipped status (In Transit).   August 2016
For lenders, requests in 'New - Copies' or 'New - Loans' status fail to update to Considering status when the 'Auto-update to Considering' checkbox is selected from the Print All section of the Print Queue. August 2016
Borrowing libraries viewing WorldShare ILL in Spanish, Dutch, Chinese (traditional or simplified), Japanese, or Korean are unable to create requests or open existing borrowing requests. July 2016
In Service Configuration, an error message appears when attempting to create a new Custom Holdings Group. The group fails to be created. July 2016
Lenders are unable to supply, refuse, or send a conditional response immediately after moving a request to Considering status. July 2016
Multiple versions of the borrower and/or lender Interlibrary Loan Fee Management (IFM) reports display for January 2016 onwards. May 2016