Known Issues

Updated:  11 April 2016

The tables below list known issues in WorldShare® Interlibrary Loan.
Availability dates are subject to change.

Current Issues

Issue Details/work-around
Lenders are unable to supply, refuse, or send a conditional response immediately after moving a request to Considering status.

The lender should reopen the request from the Considering queue or search for the request ID.

Fix: TBD

Multiple versions of the borrower and/or lender Interlibrary Loan Fee Management (IFM) reports display.

·         ILL Fee Management Program Borrower Report
·         ILL Fee Management Program Lender Report

Both the new and old versions of the IFM reports display to some institutions after December 2015.

In the future, only one version of the report will be visible for January 2016 onwards.

Your IFM reports for December, January, and February activity may not represent all of the request-level details applied to your monthly invoices.

If you have detailed questions about your IFM transactions, please contact OCLC Customer Support for assistance.

When using Discover Items in WorldShare ILL, the "Search for versions with same title and author" link fails for some records. Change to word (au: ) rather than phrase (au=) search, and try again.

Fix: TBD
Patron-initiated ILL with OCLC Direct Request occasionally selects a bibliographic record for a print item rather than the electronic item, and vice versa.
Fix Date: TBD
Duplicate electronic delivery service types in constant data under the Electronic Delivery option results in an error. Confirm that electronic delivery settings in the OCLC ILL Policies Directory are complete, e.g. IP address is in the URL Field.
Note:  There is no need to make further edits in OCLC Service Configuration.
Search results ignore articles (the, a, an) at the beginning of a title when sorting title field. No current plans to fix this issue.

Fixed Issues


Issue Date Fixed
Patrons unable to submit ILL requests from WorldCat Discovery March 2016
When a request is closed, Direct Notes and Supplier History no longer display. March 2016
La version française du Prêt entre bibliothèque WorldShare envoie un message d’erreur lorsque certaines activités sont faites "Des informations sont incorrectes. Veuillez réviser et réessayer. […]" The French language version of WorldShare ILL throws an error message for certain actions: "Des informations sont incorrectes. Veuillez réviser et réessayer. […]" March 2016
PDF print preview does not work with Internet Explorer 11. August 2015
When using Discover Items, after viewing a detailed bibliographic record from a results list, users cannot navigate back to the search results by clicking on the link to that search in the left navigation panel. 
April 2015
Article Exchange uploads fail if the .PDF extension is entered in ALL CAPS. April 2015

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