Known Issues

Updated:  September 1, 2015

The tables below list known issues in OCLC WorldShare® Interlibrary Loan.
Availability dates are subject to change.

Current Issues

Issue Details/work-around

ILLiad and IFM Changes

When using IFM, if an ILLiad library does an Undo Ship and then Re-Ships the item with a new price as opposed to saying No, the refund amount displayed in the UI will show that the borrowing library is both refunded and charged the new price instead of being refunded the original price and charged the new price. However, the billing on the back end is correct. The borrowing library will receive a refund for the original price.

The new IFM service does not support the second IFM charge in the scenario above, so it will not be applied. The ILLiad library should not Re-Ship the request unless they understand that the IFM transaction will not go through, and the borrowing library will not be charged for the item. Otherwise the ILLiad lender should update to No and let the request move to the next lender.

Fix Date: TBD
Patron-initiated ILL with OCLC Direct Request occasionally selects a bibliographic record for a print item rather than the electronic item, and vice versa.
Fix Date: TBD
Duplicate electronic delivery service types in constant data under the Electronic Delivery option results in an error. Confirm that electronic delivery settings in the OCLC ILL Policies Directory are complete, e.g. IP address is in the URL Field.
Note:  There is no need to make further edits in OCLC Service Configuration.
Search results ignore articles (the, a, an) at the beginning of a title when sorting title field. No current plans to fix this issue.

Fixed Issues

Issue Date Fixed

PDF print preview does not work with Internet Explorer 11.

Note: IE 11 is not yet a supported browser for WorldShare ILL.

August 2015
When using Discover Items, after viewing a detailed bibliographic record from a results list, users cannot navigate back to the search results by clicking on the link to that search in the left navigation panel. 
April 2015
Article Exchange uploads fail if the .PDF extension is entered in ALL CAPS. April 2015

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