About This Guide

Purpose of this Guide

This Guide describes the ILL Direct Request service and provides:

  • Descriptions of the 3 processing options provided by the service
  • Description of, and instructions for implementing the FirstSearch/ILL Direct Request link
  • Technical specifications needed by your systems staff to implement ILL Direct Request for patron-generated requests other than FirstSearch
  • Examples and worksheets for creating profiles of borrowing criteria that define eligible requests

The Guide has 2 parts: Part 1 discusses 3 processing options and presents general requirements. Part 2 presents technical specifications.

Your system

For the purposes of ILL Direct Request and this Planning Guide, your system can be a local system ILL module, resource-sharing consortium Web interface,or locally developed borrowing software.

Changes or Revisions

The OCLC ILL Direct Request Planning Guide is maintained on the OCLC Web site. Visit Abstract & revision notes to check for information added to this Guide after it was published.

Technical Specifications

The technical specifications in this Guide assume a working knowledge of ISO-10161, ILL-Requests. Refer to chapter 8, ISO-10161 Overview for information about this ISO protocol.

Supporting OCLC Documentation

In addition to the information in this Guide, you should review the following:


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