5 Direct-to-Review File Requirements


Use the Direct-to-Review File option to send ILL requests from your system directly to the OCLC Review File.

Library tasks

Analyze your ILL workflow to determine whether you want to pass all ILL requests created in your system to the OCLC Review File. Remember each request in the Review file must be reviewed and verified by your staff before being Produced as an OCLC ILL request. If your system capabilities allow, use one of the more automated processing options--Direct-to-Lender or Direct-to-Profile to save staff time.

System requirements

To use the Direct-to-Review File option, your library and system must meet the general requirements in chapter 1, Introducing the OCLC ILL Direct Request Service.

Validation and mapping to the ILL workform

When your system sends a request to ILL Direct Request, certain requirements must be met or the request is immediately rejected. When a request is accepted, the data from the ISO-10161 request is transferred to an OCLC ILL workform. The OCLC system applies additional validation rules to the request. If the request fails validation, the request is still put in your Review file.

ILL Direct Request sends a status message to your system to indicate whether the request was rejected or put in your Review File.

Direct-to-Review File processing reports

No report is generated. Use the existing reporting features of OCLC ILL to display or print the contents of your Review File.


You are not billed for records processed by the Direct-to-Review File option.

For more information, contact your OCLC-affiliated regional network or service center, your international distributor, or OCLC.