4 Direct-to-Lender Processing Option


Use the Direct-to-Lender option to send ILL requests from your system directly to potential lenders through the OCLC Interlibrary Loan service without review or editing by your ILL staff.

Library tasks

Analyze your ILL workflow to determine whether ILL requests created in your system can be passed to OCLC Interlibrary Loan to be automatically produced as OCLC ILL requests.

If you determine that only a subset of ILL requests should be passed to OCLC ILL automatically, then use the Direct-to-Profile option. Direct-to-Profile allows you to define groups of eligible requests.

System Requirements

To use the Direct-to-Lender option, your library and system must meet the general requirements in chapter 1, Introducing the OCLC ILL Direct Request Service. Additionally, you must be able to access OCLC Product Services to retrieve reports.

Patron authentication

Your system must perform the patron authentication. If you want to block a patron's access to electronic ILL services, your system must prevent that patron from creating and sending ILL requests to OCLC.

Validation and mapping to the ILL workform

When your system sends a request to ILL Direct Request, certain requirements must be met or the request is immediately rejected. When a request is accepted, the data from the ISO-10161 request is transferred to an OCLC ILL workform. The OCLC system applies additional validation rules to the request. If the request fails validation, the request is put in your Review File.

ILL Direct Request sends a status message to your system to indicate whether the request was rejected, sent to a lender, or, if not validated, put in your Review File.

Excluding lenders you provide

ILL Direct Request excludes from :Lender: any OCLC symbol you or your system provides that is:

  • Not a valid OCLC symbol
  • Not an OCLC supplier
  • Not a valid lender in OCLC Interlibrary Loan (for example, a selective user outside your GAC group)

ILL Direct Request places excluded symbols in the :LOCATIONS: field of the OCLC ILL request.

Order of lenders

A preference code in the ISO-10161 ILL-Request allows you to restrict the order of symbols in your lender string. Set this option to ordered if you do not want ILL Direct Request to change the order of lender symbols you supply. However, this has implications for building a :Lender: field.


You set preference to ordered and provide 25 potential lenders in a request. The fourth symbol in your string of 25 in not a valid OCLC lender. ILL Direct Request puts symbols 4-25 in the :LOCATIONS: field. The request is left with only 3 potential lenders.

In the example, if preference is unordered, ILL Direct Request puts the invalid symbol in :LOCATIONS: and continues to validate symbols until the :Lender: field is full.

Direct Produced (dr:)category

This OCLC ILL Message File category lists all requests you successfully forwarded through ILL Direct Request processing during the past 4 system days. It appears as the first category in the ILL Message File Summary Display.


You are billed for each Produce generated by the Direct-to-Lender option: OCLC product code: ILL4504 ILL Direct Produce.

Billing appears on your regular monthly statement. For more information, contact your OCLC-affiliated regional network or service center, your international distributor, or OCLC.