3 Direct-to-Profile Processing Option


This chapter describes the processing of requests through the Direct-to-Profile option, the content of profiles and how to create them.


Use the Direct-to-Profile option to filter patron-generated ILL requests on borrowing criteria you define for eligible requests.


You may forward ILL requests for serial titles (Bib Lvl s) for Direct-to-Profile processing. Ill Direct Request generates a lender string based on the WorldCat holdings symbols, not on Union List records. Direct-to-Profile processing treats serial requests for which you provide lender strings as any other request, provided one or more profiles include serials as a matching bibliographic format.

OCLC FirstSearch

Requests generated through the OCLC ILL/FirstSearch link are processed by ILL Direct Request using the Direct-to-Profile option. See section 3.2 " The OCLC FirstSearch/ILL Direct Request Link" for details.

Workstation requirements

For best access to the OCLC Web site and ILL Direct Request Profile creation page, use Netscape Navigator (version 7.0 or higher) or Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.5, 6.0 (recommended) or higher, and a compatible workstation/microcomputer. Javascript must be enabled regardless of which browser you choose.

Communication options

  • Internet access to World Wide Web
  • OCLC Dedicated TCP/IP
  • OCLC Dial TCP/IP

Access to OCLC ILL

Use OCLC Passport for Windows software to access OCLC Interlibrary Loan to view or modify requests in your Review File.


ILL Direct Request applies 1 of 3 possible product codes in Direct-to-Profile processing. The product code applied depends upon actions the system takes:

Product Code Produces Request Provides Lender String
ILL4504 ILL Direct Produce Yes No
ILL4505 ILL Direct Profiled Produce Yes Yes
ILL4506 ILL Search and Display Holdings No Yes

You are not billed for creating, modifying, or deleting profiles. You are not billed if ILL Direct Request puts the request in your Review file without providing a lender string. Billing appears on your regular monthly statement.

For more information, contact your OCLC-affiliated regional network or service center, your international distributor, or OCLC.